Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at This written recap contains agenda attachments, votes associated with action items, and the Roll Call.

February 13, 2020

A PDF of the recap can be found here

    1. Approval of Recap  
      • January 9, 2020
        • Motion to approve the January 9, 2020 recap passed with 47 votes in favor, 0 dissenting votes and 0 abstentions.
  1. Academic Regulations Revisions
    Linda Bruslind, Academic Regulations Committee chair, presented for approval proposed revisions to Academic Regulations. Note: although AR 26 was on the agenda, it was neither discussed nor voted on.
    • AR 1.b., AR 19 and AR 26
      • Motion to approve proposed revisions to AR 1.b. passed with 55 votes in favor, 0 dissenting votes and 2 abstentions.
      • Motion to approve proposed revisions to AR 19 passed with 57 votes in favor, 0 dissenting votes and 1 abstentions.
  1. Baccalaureate Core Double Listed Courses
    McKenzie Huber and Rorie Spill Solberg, Baccalaureate Core Committee members, presented for approval a proposed double listed courses policy.
  1. Abolishment of Faculty Senate Committees
    President Plaza presented for approval proposed abolishment of the Bylaws and Nominations Committee and Committee on Committees.
    • Proposal
      • Motion to approve the proposed abolishment of the Bylaws and Nominations Committee passed with 52 votes in favor, 5 dissenting votes and 10 abstentions.
      • Motion to approve the proposed abolishment of the Committee on Committees passed with 53 votes in favor, 10 dissenting votes and 6 abstentions.
    1. Proposed Undergraduate Admissions Policy Changes
      Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Jon Boeckenstedt and Provost Ed Feser discussed the Enrollment Management proposal to make Oregon State University test optional for freshman applicants starting with the Fall of 2021.

Susan Shaw moved to approve the elimination of testing requirement for freshman in Fall 2020; motion seconded and passed 70 votes in favor, 1 dissenting vote and 0 abstentions.

McKenzie Huber moved to allow Enrollment Management, or the Provost or President, to study over the next two years to determine whether to completely eliminate consideration of tests should external factors, or our own research indicate such a move would be prudent; motion seconded and passed with 59 votes in favor, 9 dissenting vote and 3 abstentions.

  1. Advancement of Teaching Committee Updates
    Robin Pappas, Advancement of Teaching Committee chair, presented an overview of AOT activities, including engagement plans for the Quality Teaching framework and the process to pilot evidence-based instruments to potentially replace eSET.
  1. 2020 Undergraduate Student Success Summit
    Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, presented information related to the upcoming Student Success Summit.
  1. Shared Governance Document Revision Task Force
    President Plaza presented the revised Shared Governance document.
  1. Ad Hoc Committee on the OSU Carbon Commitment Update
    Jon Dorbolo, Ad Hoc Committee on the OSU Carbon Commitment chair, presented the 2019 annual report and an update of the committee’s activities. Members of the committee were present to answer questions.
    Dwaine Plaza
    No new business


The meeting adjourned at 5:03 PM.


Members Present:
Agricultural Sciences: Burkholder, Dugger, Etherington, Hayes (remote), Lambrinos (remote), Moyer (remote), Sanchez (remote), Sherman (remote), Turpin
Associated Faculty: Aguilar, Buckley, Bunnage, Cholewinski (remote), Fleming, Gaines (remote), Greenough, Hayes (remote), Pappas, Real, Riney (remote), Rose (remote), Signs, Silbernagel (remote), Trelstad, Viggiani (remote)
Business: Bourne (remote), Huff, Paterson (remote), Inara (remote), Stornelli, Swift (remote), Villalobos
Cascades: Dahl (remote), McCalpine (remote), Reuter (remote), Witzke (remote)
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Becker (remote), Colwell, Dever (remote), Spitz, Watkins-Brandt (remote)
Education: Thompson (remote)
Engineering: Fronk, Grimm (remote), Jensen (remote), Jovanovic, MacCarty (remote), Paasch, Porter (remote),Wong
Extension: Arispe (remote), Davis (remote), Hein (remote)
Forestry: Creighton, Huber
Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators present
Liberal Arts: Becker Blease, Edwards (remote), Emerson (remote), Hamblin, Inderbitzin, Kaplan, Lauer, Maes (remote), Rodgers, Shaw, Sheehan, Shirazi (remote), Warner (remote)
Library: Beth Shield (v. Lorente)
Pharmacy: Olstad (remote), Zumach
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bray (remote), MacTavish, Mendez-Luck
Science: Nathan Gibson (v. Bokil) (remote), Bruslind, Gable, Jansen, Kayes (remote), Petsche (remote), Quick, van Zee
Student Affairs: Alvarez-Cortez, Atebe (remote), Bowling (remote), Sanchez, Sarah Garcia (v. Whitebear)
Veterinary Medicine: Holder, Medlock (remote)

Members Absent:
Agricultural Sciences: Gwin, Moore, Tullos
Associated Faculty: Davis-White Eyes, Gillies, Yee
Business: No senators absent
Cascades: No senators absent
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Ruggiero
Education: Golya
Engineering: Blunck, Nembhard
Extension: Johnson
Forestry: No senators absent
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Miller
Liberal Arts: Boovy, Mize
Library: No senators absent
Pharmacy: No senators absent
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg, Ceraso, Hoffman, Khanna
Science: Mason, Thomann
Student Affairs: Harris, Smith
Veterinary Medicine: Ackermann
Ex-Officio members present:
David Bernell, Mina Carson, Ed Feser, Selina Heppell, Dwaine Plaza, Ed Ray, Shannon Riggs, Jane Waite

Non-Voting members present:
Mike Bailey

Heather Arbuckle, Tasha Biesinger (remote), Jon Boeckenstedt, Kylie Boenisch, Courtney Campbell, Leticia Carazo, Jon Dorbolo, Rosemary Garagnani (remote), Alix Gitelman, Kerri Goergen-Doll (remote), Heath Henry, Jeff Malone (remote), Ben Mutschler, Chris Nichols, Robynn Pease, Jacob Putney (remote), Kara Ritzheim, Noni Scherer (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Rorie Spill Solberg, Kaplan Yalcin