Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Items

  • None

Roll Call

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert (remote), Busby (remote), Calderon (remote), Cannon, Contreras, Anne Gearhart (v. Crannell) (remote), Garcia (remote), Jaiswal (remote), McAllaster, Melathopoulos (remote), Nelson (remote), Sidlauskas

Associated Faculty: Alexis (remote), Anderson (remote), Bamberger (remote), Bird, Bruce (remote), Cohen (remote), Dorbolo (remote), Dupont, Fleury, Gillies (remote), Greenough, Hansen (remote), C. Hayes (remote), Henry, Hill, Kerish, Perez, Trelstad (remote), Waite (remote), Walton (remote)

Business: Barnhart (remote), Chen (remote), Obermire (remote), Olstad, Ross (remote), Trinidad (remote)

Cascades: Dahl (remote), Ewe (remote), Smith (remote), Zardinejad (remote)

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell, Crump, Fehrenbacher (remote), Fewings (remote)

Education: McIntosh (remote)

Engineering: Bailey, Evans (remote), Fern (remote), Haller (remote), Howard, Hurwitz (remote), C. Palmer, T. Palmer, Rich (remote), Tadepalli (remote), Tucker (remote), Wildenschild (remote)

Extension: Davis (remote), Edmunds (remote), Olcott (remote), Sundquist (remote)

Forestry: Bailey (remote), D’Antonio, Hall, Rivers

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett (remote), Storms (remote)

Liberal Arts: Barstow (remote), Boudet (remote), Bude (remote), Chappell (remote), Marcos Norris (v. Holmberg), Inderbitzin (remote), Osei-Kofi (remote), Plaza (remote), Reason, Marta Kunecka (v. Shay), Ward, Whitebear (remote), Zapata (remote)

Library: Boock (remote)

Pharmacy: Morley (remote), Philmus (remote)

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg (remote), Garcia (remote), MacDonald, Norcross (remote), Riportella (remote)


Science: Beisiegel (remote), Carter, Christie, Clark (remote), Gire (remote), Halsey, Kayes (remote), McIntyre (remote), Lee (remote), Rowe, van Zee, Walsh

Student Affairs: Anderson, Archer (remote), Creighton (remote), Doran, Fuhrman, Nishihara

Veterinary Medicine: Chappell (remote), Hall, Semevolos (remote)

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Chang, Lambrinos, Vining

Associated Faculty: Ward

Business: O’brien

Cascades: No senators absent

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Lerczak, Walczak

Education: Wright

Engineering: Abbas, Gess, Ideker

Extension: No senators absent

Forestry: No senators absent

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Duncan, Hurst, Orosco, Stout

Library: No senators absent

Pharmacy: No senators absent

Public Health & Human Sciences: Hoffman, Kile


Science: Cheong

Student Affairs: Braxton-Franklin

Veterinary Medicine: No senators absent

Ex-Officio members present:

Alix-Garcia, Becker Blease (remote), Bunnage, Edwards, Fleming, Goergen-Doll, MacTavish, Mellinger (remote), Spitz

Non-Voting members present:

Beachley, Scott


Heather Arbuckle (remote), Grace Atebe (remote), Belinda Batten (remote), Colleen Bee, Jon Braunstein (remote), Nancy Bremner (remote), Brendan Brucker (remote), Jen Cohan (remote), Jeannine Cropley (remote), Sara Daly (remote), Christina Dewitt (remote), Andy Dong (remote), Dan Faltesek, Alix Gitelman, Romeo Lopez Gonzalez (remote), Meilianty Gunawan (remote), Katherine Gunter (remote), Selina Heppell (remote), Heather Horn, Nadia Jaramillo (remote), Michael Mandzuk (remote), Bob Mason (remote), Rebecca Mathern (remote), Christina McKnight (remote), Philip Mote (remote), Jane Nichols (remote), Julee Otter (remote), Kirsten Petersen (remote), Devon Quick (remote), Ron Reuter, Eduardo Rodriguez (remote), Courtney Seton (remote), Rick Settersten, Caryn Stoess (remote), Katie Vorderstrasse (remote), Carolyn Warfield (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Steve Wuhs