Meetings: If you need assistance in coordinating schedules with your committee members to determine a meeting time, or need help in finding a place to meet, contact Vickie Nunnemaker in the Senate Office. DO NOT schedule a fee associated room for a Senate related meeting without prior approval to expend funds from the Faculty Senate Office.

Materials: If copies of materials are needed for committee members, Vickie can make the copies and, if you wish, distribute to the members. Please have the original to Vickie at least 24 hours in advance of your meeting so copies can be made.

Web Site: The Faculty Senate maintains a web site containing information about all Senate committees and councils. This information includes, Standing Rules, membership, scheduled meetings (if known), annual reports, etc. Minutes from each meeting should be forwarded to Vickie for posting to your committee/council site. Vickie can work with you to post any information you'd like included on the individual sites.

Electronic Mailing Lists: Each Faculty Senate Committee/Council has an electronic mailing list to which all members have been subscribed. If you use the electronic mailing list, your message will be transmitted to all members by sending to one address. Members also have 'send' privileges to the lists so they can respond to a request; this is a good way to carry on a discussion among the members.

Faculty members: Please contact Vickie if there is a faculty vacancy on your committee -please also indicate if there is a particular type of faculty needed, such as teaching faculty, or faculty from a particular discipline. She will check the list of faculty who volunteered and determine a replacement. Faculty may be appointed for an entire three-year term or remainder of a term. If a faculty member is on leave or sabbatical for more than one term (excluding summer term), they create a vacancy on the committee/council and do not have return rights. If they wish to again serve on the committee/council, they must complete and return the 'Committee Interest Form' that is distributed in the spring and again be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Student members: ASOSU is supposed to automatically appoint student members to Faculty Senate committees/councils. However, ASOSU has yet to recruit enough students to fill the vacancies. If there are student vacancies, faculty are encouraged to announce in their class that a vacancy exists on a particular committee and encourage interested students to apply for a position on the committee/council. Both graduate and undergraduate students MUST apply through ASOSU, regardless of whether organizational Bylaws or governing rules state that a student in a particular position shall serve on a Faculty Senate committee/council. Students need to go to Student Involvement in Snell Hall and fill out an application indicating which committee/council they wish to serve on. You may tell students that they should contact Vickie if they have not received a notice of appointment within two weeks of submitting their application. Vickie will work with ASOSU to get them appointed, if eligible. You may wish to direct students to the Standing Rules on the web to get a better idea of the purpose of a particular committee/ council.

Students are appointed for one academic year and must submit an application to ASOSU each year that they wish to serve on a committee - they do not automatically continue. All inquiries to ASOSU about student members must go through the Faculty Senate Office; chairs are not to contact ASOSU directly. When a student is approved to serve on a committee/council, ASOSU is to contact the Faculty Senate Office and the student; the Senate Office will then contact the chair to confirm that the appointment has been finalized by ASOSU. At that time the Senate Office will add the student to the appropriate membership and electronic mailing lists.

Ex-Officio Members: Some committees/councils have ex-officio members. Please note that, unless otherwise noted, ex-officio members are non-voting. It is not appropriate for an ex-officio member to represent a committee/council when presenting items to the Faculty Senate or other groups. The regularly appointed members shall be the ones representing the committee/council.

Internal Policies and Guidelines: If your committee/council finds it necessary to create internal policies or guidelines, they must be reviewed and approved by the EC prior to implementation. All internal policies and guidelines shall be posted on the committee/council website.

Faculty Senate Meetings: If your committee/council wishes to present an issue, resolution, etc., to the Faculty Senate, please contact the Faculty Senate Office as soon as you determine that a presentation is needed. Unless you plan to present the issue as New Business on the Senate floor, you need to arrange to meet with the EC so they can determine whether they will endorse adding the item to the agenda. If there are materials to be included in the agenda, a final copy needs to be in the Faculty Senate Office at least two weeks prior to the meeting for review by the Executive Committee. Senate meetings are scheduled on the second Thursday of the month, October through June, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, usually in the LaSells Stewart Center Construction and Engineering Hall; Faculty Senate meetings are open to the public. Chairs receive an electronic notice each month that the Senate agenda has been posted on the web.

Annual Reports: Each committee or council is responsible for submitting an annual report containing information about activities during the past year, including any internal policies or guidelines approved by the group, and listing all committee members. Although submission of this report is the responsibility of the chair, the report should be prepared in collaboration with committee members. This task shall not be assigned to an ex-officio or staff. The annual reports are to be submitted electronically, preferably not more than three pages, and are due July 15. Hard copies signed by the chair are also accepted, although electronic copies are required so they may be posted on the web. Additional information about annual reports will be distributed at the end of spring term. In preparation of the annual report, it may be helpful if the chair keeps a running log indicating actions and activities of the committee.

Liaisons: All Faculty Senate committees and councils have a liaison appointed to them from the Executive Committee. Your liaison can be found on the web on your committee/council website. The liaison is NOT a member of your committee/council. They may attend your meetings periodically and may contact you to see if you need assistance with issues. Feel free to contact them if your committee is experiencing problems. You are welcome to also contact the Faculty Senate Office if you are not satisfied with the response received from your liaison, or if you just have general questions.

Vickie Nunnemaker:
[email protected]