Meeting Date: 
December 7, 2021
12/07/2021 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Welcome
  1. Honors College Updates
  1. Constructive Receipts Policy: Implications for Honors College
         Here is the specific language forming the context for this:
              Teaching Honors College Colloquia. In light of the new constructive receipt policy (Fiscal Policy Rule 03-150-114) recently finalized by the OSU Controller's Division and Fiscal Policy Committee, we want to clarify how Honors colloquia are funded. Transfer of funds for colloquia is processed separately from payments provided for teaching Honors sections of existing unit (school/departmental) courses. Faculty teaching of colloquia is generally considered service to the university. As stated in the constructive receipt policy, when faculty or staff perform activities or services as part of their normal work responsibilities (including service to the university), any additional financial consideration is posted to a unit index, and funds will be allocated by the unit head as determined most appropriate to support the unit’s mission. At the end of the term in which a colloquium is taught, the Honors College will transfer $2000/credit (colloquia are either 1 or 2 credits) to the operating index provided by the faculty member's supervisor. The unit leader decides how to distribute these funds.
         Read more about the constructive receipt policy here.
  1. Thesis Stage 1 and 2 updates
  1. New Business
    • Identifying winter and spring term meeting times
  1. Adjourn