Meeting Date: 
February 6, 2023
02/06/2023 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Admissions – Petition Process
  1. Ecampus
  1. Assessment

Voting members present: Noah Barnett, Eliza Barstow, Hilary Boudet, Michael Burand, Emma DeFreeuw, Jessica Fujinaga, Adam Gross, Matthew Johnson, Sam Logan, Kathryn McIntosh, Sandy Neubaum, Jax Richards
Voting members absent: Matt Johnson, Bo Sun
Ex-Officio members present: Toni Doolen – Honors College
Guests present: Gildha Cumming, Dewi Roberts, Susan Rodgers, Sahana Shaw



  • Petitions Process:
    • For the coming year, we’ve had more applications than ever up to now – 2,890 applications
      • Majority are first year students
      • Small amount of transfer students, and 12
  • Ecampus Petitions
    • Discussion about students that didn’t meet admissions requirements that petition to come to the Honors College.
      • Current year we had 30% matriculation rate from the number of admits (typically around 40%) so is lower than normal.
      • Of those that matriculate, they tend to maintain a steady GPA and are active in the HC.
      • Of the 2021 cohort, we’ve lost about 20% (same numbers for students that don’t go through petition).
        • The majority of withdrawals do continue their degree at OSU.
      • If they fail in petition process, they can apply once they’re here but they miss-out on the first year HC experience.
      • Toni suspects we will continue to see COVID impacts on transcripts for the next 2 years. Added petition process in response to COVID
        • Impacting students coming from High School.
        • Test centers were closed.
    • Workload does not impact staff/admissions committee in any significant way
      • General requirements for HC admission
        • Process is holistic (favor an “or” initiative rather than “and”)
        • Unweighted GPA for everyone
        • We look at every transcript – the rigor of work completed.
      • Do Reed, Lewis & Clark, and other private liberal arts colleges in the area have a petition process?
      • We have looked at other state schools in the region to see other processes when we did admissions benchmarking a number of years ago.


  • It’s open!
    • 12 applicants so far, and we’ve admitted 1 student already as they initially applied as a Corvallis campus student.
      • We’ll meet to discuss applicants separately.
    • We’ve been working with OSU Ecampus to develop a market plan for current Ecampus students.
    • 4 largest Ecampus majors are – Computer Science (CS), Psychology, Natural Resources, and Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences.
      • Ecampus version of Thesis Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses already created
      • 8-10 colloquia currently available on Ecampus.
      • HC Courses in Psychology are being developed along with natural resources courses. CS courses in the plan.
    • Have hit a few bumps to get non-HC students enrolled in HC Ecampus classes
    • We have a new position funded for 2 years that will focus on advising and engagement.
    • Have created a faculty learning community for new to HC but seasoned in Ecampus course development faculty.
    • We plan to recommend that current Ecampus students, who are admitted to Honors, meet with an advisor to verify that the Honors curriculum that is available will be supportive of their academic goals.


  • Is due November 13 for the most recent Annual Year (and the previous year).
  • Most recent assessment report for AY 2021 was looking at 2 learning outcomes: Engaged inquiry and scholarly inquiry.
  • We’ve had a 25% decrease in survey completion (COVID being a big factor)
  • Students had a positive experience with digital engagement.


Minutes prepared by Dewi Roberts