Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Items

  • Motion to approve Michael Beachley as Faculty Senate Parliamentarian. 
    • Motion passed with 103 votes in favor, 1 vote in opposition 

Roll Call

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert (remote), Busby (remote), Calderon (remote), Cannon, Chang (remote), Contreras, Crannell (remote), Garcia (remote), Jaiswal (remote), McAllaster, Sidlauskas

Associated Faculty:  Alexis (remote), Anderson (remote), Bamberger (remote), Bird, Bruce (remote), Cohen (remote), Dorbolo (remote), Dupont, Fleury, Gillies (remote), Hansen (remote), Elizabeth Wolfram (v. Hayes, C.) (remote), Henry, Hill, Kerish, Perez, Trelstad, Waite (remote), Walton, Ward

Business: Barnhart (remote), Chen (remote), Heather Pesch (v. Obermire) (remote), Olstad (remote), Ross, Trinidad

Cascades: Dahl (remote), Ewe (remote), Zardinejad (remote)

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell, Crump, Fehrenbacher, Fewings (remote), Lerczak, Walczak (remote)

Education: McIntosh (remote), Wright (remote)

Engineering: Evans (remote), Fern (remote), Haller (remote), Howard (remote), Hurwitz (remote), C. Palmer, T. Palmer, Rich (remote), Tadepalli (remote), Tucker (remote), Wildenschild (remote)

Extension: Davis (remote), Edmunds (remote), Olcott (remote), Sundquist (remote)

Forestry: Bailey (remote), D’Antonio (remote), Hall, Rivers

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett (remote), Storms (remote)

Liberal Arts: Barstow (remote), Boudet (remote), Bude, Chappell (remote), Holmberg, Inderbitzin (remote), Osei-Kofi (remote), Plaza (remote), Reason, Shay (remote), Ward, Qwo-Li Driskill (v. Whitebear) (remote), Zapata (remote)

Library: Boock (remote)

Pharmacy: Morley

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg (remote), Garcia, Kile (remote), MacDonald, Norcross (remote), Riportella (remote)


Science: Beisiegel (remote), Carter (remote), Christie, Clark (remote), Gire (remote), Halsey, Kayes (remote), McIntyre (remote), Rowe, van Zee (remote), Walsh (remote)

Student Affairs: Anderson, Creighton (remote), Doran, Fuhrman, Nishihara

Veterinary Medicine: Chappell (remote), Hall, Semevolos (remote)

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Chaplen, Lambrinos, Melathopoulos, Nelson, Vining

Associated Faculty: No senators absent

Business: O’brien

Cascades: Smith

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: No senators absent

Education: No senators absent

Engineering: Abbas, Bailey, Ideker

Extension: Hein

Forestry: No senators absent

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Duncan, Hurst, Orosco, Stout

Library: No senators absent

Pharmacy: Philmus

Public Health & Human Sciences: Hoffman


Science: Cheong, Lee

Student Affairs: Archer, Braxton-Franklin

Veterinary Medicine: No senators absent

Ex-Officio members present:

Alix-Garcia, Becker-Blease (remote), Bunnage (remote), Crisp (remote), Edwards, Feser, Fleming, MacTavish, Mellinger, Spitz, Geddes (remote)

Non-Voting members present:



Jenni Allemann (remote), Trisha Applebee (remote), Heather Arbuckle (remote), William Aurich (remote), Rebecca Badger (remote), Brendan Brucker (remote), Eric Cardella (remote), Kristina Case (remote), Kim Cholewinski (remote), Jennifer Cohen (remote), Jeannine Cropley (remote), Sara Daly (remote), Radu Dascaliuc (remote), Don De Mello (remote), Nicole Dolan (remote), Dan Faltesek,  Kali Furman (remote), Tiffany Gillis (remote), Alix Gitelman, Brenna Gomez (remote), Romeo Lopez Gonzalez (remote), Meili Gunawan (remote), Katherine Gunter (remote), Jean Hall (remote), Emily Henry (remote), Selina Heppell, Troy Holder (remote), McKenzie Huber, Goran Jovanovic, Stefanie Maerki (remote), Rebecca Mathern (remote), Amy McLaughlin (remote), Carol Millie (remote), Philip Mote (remote), Deb Mott (remote), Janice Nave-Abele (remote), Jolee Otter (remote), Shain Panzeri (remote), Sarah Perrault (remote), Kirsten Petersen (remote), Devon Quick (remote), Shannon Riggs (remote), Melanie Rose (remote), Courtney Seton (remote), Lauren Skousen (remote), Rick Settersten, Caryn Stoess (remote), Rebecca Symons (remote), Lisa Templeton (remote), Katie Vorderstrasse (remote), Ian Wilborn (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Steve Wuhs (remote)