Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Items

  • Motion to approve Michael Beachley as Faculty Senate Parliamentarian
    • Motion passed with 89 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 0 abstentions.

Roll Call

All senators and guests attended remotely.

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Burkholder, Chang, Contreras, Diebel, Dugger, Etherington, Godwin, Gwin, Hayes, Moyer, Sanchez, Turpin, Walsh

Associated Faculty: Alexis, Aljets, Bamberger, Bruce, Buckley, Bunnage, Cholewinski, Cohen, Fleming, Gaines, Gillies, Greenough, Hayes, Perez, Rose, Trelstad, Vignos, Waite

Business: Bourne, Chen, Huff, Olstad, Paterson, Scott, Stornelli

Cascades: Bakos, Reuter, Zardinejad

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Becker, Dever, Fewings, Lerczak, Ruggiero, Spitz

Education: Golya, Thompson

Engineering: Fronk, Hurwitz, MacCarty, Palmer, Tadepalli, Tucker, Wong

Extension: L. Davis, Edmunds, Filley

Forestry: Creighton, D’Antonio, Huber, Maller

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett

Liberal Arts: Boovy, Chappell, Duncan, Edwards, Hurst, Inderbitzin, Johnston, Kaplan, Orosco, Rodgers, Shay, Tilt

Library: Lorente

Pharmacy: Olstad, Zumach

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg, Bray, Ceraso, Hoffman, Norcross


Science: Beisiegel, Nathan Gibson (v. Bokil), Clark, Gable, Jansen, Petsche, Quick, Rockwell, van Zee

Student Affairs: Alvarez-Cortez, Bowling, Nishihara, Sanchez, Whitebear

Veterinary Medicine: Medlock

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Busby, Lambrinos, Melathopoulos, Tullos, Vining

Associated Faculty: Davis-White Eyes, Real, Viggiani

Business: No senators absent

Cascades: Browne, Dahl

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: No senators absent

Education: No senators absent

Engineering: Blunck, Bobba, Gess, Jovanovic, Paja, Trejo

Extension: J. Davis

Forestry: No senators absent

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Emerson, Hamblin, Maes, Mize, Stout

Library: No senators absent

Pharmacy: No senators absent

Public Health & Human Sciences: Kile, Mendez-Luck


Science: Mason, McIntyre, Thomann

Student Affairs: Braxton-Franklin, Harris

Veterinary Medicine: Ackermann, Holder

Ex-Officio members present:

Alexander, Ebbeck, Feser, Heppell, MacTavish, McCalpine, Plaza, Riggs, Shaw, Witzke

Non-Voting members present:

Mike Bailey (remote), Michael Beachley


Jennifer Almquist, Grace Atebe, Scott Barnes, Daniel Bartholomae, Tam Belknap, Mark Bierly, Erin Bird, Sherm Bloomer, Nancy Bremner, Mina Carson, Thomas Chastain, Mary Chuinard, Steve Clark, Debbie Colbert, Nicole Dolan, Kevin Dougherty, Hillary Egna, Alix Gitelman, Michael Green, Dylan Heppell, Steve Hoelscher, Jen Humphreys, Kim Kirkland, Dan Larson, Rebecca Mathern, Paul Odenthal, Ed Ostrander, Robin Pappas, Robynn Pease, Marleigh Perez, Kirsten Petersen, John Sweet, Lisa Templeton, Julee (no last name provided)