Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at This recap contains agenda attachments, votes associated with action items, Information Items and the Roll Call.


June 13, 2019

A PDF of the recap can be found here.


Consideration of Degree Candidates  

Rebecca Mathern, Associate Provost and University Registrar, presented the recommended lists of degree candidates for Academic Distinction, Baccalaureate Degree Candidates and Advanced Degrees. The Faculty Senate was asked to approve these candidates on behalf of the Faculty of the University. These candidates have been certified by the appropriate academic units, committees, councils and Office of the Registrar. Attached is the Registrar's Memorandum outlining the policies and procedures for the review and approval of degree candidates.

  • Action: Motion passed with 50 votes in favor, 0 in opposition and 0 abstentions.

Curricular Proposals  

Allen Thompson, Curriculum Council Co-chair, presented for approval the below curricular proposals:

  • Bachelor of Music #102162 – New Degree Program
    • CPS Proposal  
      • PDF Proposal
        • No discussion
          • Action: Motion passed with 46 votes in favor, 2 in opposition and 1 abstention.
  • Biological Data Sciences #106498 – New Degree Program
    • CPS Proposal 
    • PDF Proposal
      • No discussion
        • Action: Motion passed with 52 votes in favor, 0 in opposition and 1 abstention.
  • Organic Farming Systems #105032 – New Certificate Program
    • CPS Proposal
    • PDF Proposal
      • No discussion
        • Action: Motion passed with 52 votes in favor, 0 in opposition and 0 abstentions.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages #106509 – New Certificate Program
    • CPS Proposal
    • PDF Proposal
      • No discussion
        • Action: Motion seconded and passed with 53 votes in favor, 2 in opposition and 1 abstention.
  • Dual Language #106528 – New Certificate Program Karen Thompson
  • History and Philosophy of Science, MA, MS, PhD #82799 – Renaming an Academic Program
  • Applied Physics, MS, PSM #107018 – Termination of an Academic Program
    • CPS Proposal
    • PDF Proposal
      • No discussion
        • Action: Motion seconded and passed with 57 votes in favor, 1 in opposition and 1 abstention.
  • 20th Century Studies (CERT) #107397 – Termination of an Academic Program

Proposed Standing Rules Revisions 

Shelly Signs, Committee on Committees Chair, presented for approval proposed

Standing Rules revisions for the below Faculty Senate councils and committee:

  • Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee
    • Action: Motion passed with 48 votes in favor, 0 in opposition and 5 abstentions.
  • University Honors College Council 
    • Action: Motion seconded and passed with 52 votes in favor, 1 in opposition and 4 abstentions.

Shared Governance Document   

Faculty Senate President Mina Carson presented for approval the revised Shared Governance document.

  • President Carson provided a recap of the 2011 Joint Shared Governance Task Force and indicated that the current proposed revisions are an update of the 2011 report.
  • Survey responses included: need for respect from faculty toward administration; one felt the document needed to be updated, and liked the proposed revisions; and ASOSU responded by suggesting that shared governance should always include ASOSU, and that they have their own agreement with President Ray. Carson felt that the Faculty Senate should have their own document with the President and Provost.
  • Carson shared the document with Provost Feser, who suggested revisions, and revisions from General Counsel Becca Gose were incorporated. Carson noted that it was an oversight that President Ray had not seen the document.
  • Senator Pappas, Associated Faculty, thanked the 2011 group, which created the document, and the Executive Committee for updating the document.
  • Senator Mize, Liberal Arts, requested more context for why this is being implemented from 2011, and questioned whether this was shared with AUOSU. Carson responded that it was shared with AUOSU. She also noted that there was a long discussion regarding how to handle communications during the contract negotiation period – finally it was concluded by all that it was allowable for the Faculty Senate and AUOSU to sit down and communicate directly with each other.
  • Senator Bogley, Science, felt it was unfair to characterize that the 2011 document was sitting in an archive. A reason to refer to the prior document is that some of the issues that frame shared governance are still relevant.
  • Senator Shaw, Liberal Arts, questioned whether the UAOSU representatives have indicated support of this document. President-Elect Plaza indicated that it does not appear that the union leaders have responded to the survey. He noted that the document refers to OUS, which no longer exists, but there is now a Board of Trustees to incorporate into the document.
  • One individual questioned a passage stating that shared governance mandates that administration seeks input – what does this mean and how is it enforced? President-Elect Plaza indicated that it is mandated by the OSU Board of Trustees.
  • Senator Mize indicated there is a lot of disagreement among faculty whether this particular document needs to go forward. Rather than working off a document that was never implemented, could this be used as a basis for revisions?
    • After being questioned about disagreement among faculty, Senator Mize responded that there is dissension among those in UAOSU about the document. He clarified that he’s speaking for himself and those who have spoken with him. Carson sees this as a moving and changing document. The Executive Committee respects and likes the work of the 2011 task force. OSU is currently at the juncture of creating a faculty union and a soon to be named new university president.
  • Senator Gillies, Associated Faculty (remote), noted that the references to hiring processes, under sub-heading D. ‘Faculty Compensation and Advancement’ address only administrative appointments – see below italicized verbiage from the report. Was this the intent, or is there also an expectation that faculty have input into the process for faculty hires? She expressed concern about adopting this document if there is any possibility that it could unintentionally imply that faculty do not have a voice in faculty hiring. She suggested that the last two paragraphs of the document should be under a separate sub-heading like "F. Administrative and Academic Faculty Appointments.”
    • “Faculty representatives will be included on all search committees for administrative appointments. Faculty should have meaningful input into decisions about the appointment and reappointment of academic administrators, and their input should be listened to and valued.”
  • Senator Gillies thought that the original task force report was adopted by the Faculty Senate and the Provost in 2012 or so, but no further action was taken.
  • Senator Bruce, Associated Faculty, stated that the 2011 document was not archived. It was adopted and used regularly to guide activities and decisions. She, also, supported the idea that the 2011 document should be pulled out, updated and discussed, rather than starting from square one and creating a new document.
  • Senator Bogley explained that this document is trying to establish communication between Faculty Senate and administration.
  • OSU President Ed Ray emphasized that, to the extent that the document is more of an update of the 2011 document which, by default, stays in effect with outdated references, or an updated document that becomes the basis of the Faculty Senate, and through the Faculty Senate relationship to administration. The strategy is to provide a contemporary basis. Faculty are being asked to codify what they’ve been living under since 2011. He noted that substantial issues will come up in both labor negotiations and with the new president.
  • One thought that this goes beyond a Faculty Senate relationship to administration – it attempts to address a faculty relationship to administration around particular decisions.
  • Executive Committee member Jane Waite stated that OSU has a phenomenal search advocate process that is not consistently managed; she suggested adding this process to the document.
  • Senator Bunnage noted that Section D. only relates to faculty who are covered by the union and does not address professional or supervisory faculty who are not eligible to be represented in the union.
  • Senator Pappas favored forming a task force to formally review the document; it rises to a level of importance to the Faculty Senate, administration and faculty.
  • Senator Gwin, Agricultural Sciences, felt it would be helpful for her to learn what is in the document and what is in other, similar, documents. She also felt that the OSU Board of Trustees should be included in the document.
  • Senator Pappas questioned the outcome of a nay vote. Parliamentarian Beachley responded that the 2011 document is the default document.
  • Senator Gillies noted to President Carson that this is the kind of document that is important to take forward into the next eight months. It can and will be amended, as well as corrected, by including oversights.
  • After much discussion as to how the motion should be worded, and whether the proposed revisions could be adopted on an interim basis, the following motion was made:
    • Action: Senator Hein, Extension, moved to amend the motion: 1) To adopt the proposed revisions to the existing the Implementing the 2011 Shared Governance Task Force Recommendations document and, 2) task the Faculty Senate Executive Committee with forming a working group in Fall 2019 to conduct a more thorough review of the contents of the document.
  • Senator Gillies seconded Senator Hein’s amendment. She also agreed with President Carson about the critical importance of having a document in place NOW.
  • The motion was split as follows:
    • Action – Motion#1: To adopt the proposed revisions in the existing document ‘Implementing the 2011 Shared Governance Task Force Recommendations’; motion passed with 42 votes in favor, 8 opposed and 8 abstentions
    • Action – Motion #2: Task the Faculty Senate Executive Committee with forming a working group in Fall 2019 to conduct a more thorough review of the above document; motion passed with 50 in favor, 6 opposed and 3 abstentions.


Provost Ed Feser presented his quarterly report followed by questions from the audience.

  • Updates:
    • He thanked faculty for a terrific year. There are 248 undergraduate and 80 graduate students at OSU-Cascades.
    • There were 185 individuals in attendance to celebrate three new distinguished professors; there are also 15 new endowed position holders.
    • The Capital Campaign will focus on things such as endowments and graduate fellowships.
    • Dr. Diana Natalicio, who has been President the University of Texas at El Paso for over 30 years, is the University Day speaker on September 10, 2019.
    • Promoted 137 faculty this spring.
    • Searches –
      • Collen Bee, College of Business, was recently appointed as the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), replacing Joey Spatafora. The FAR ensures that the academic side of the house is represented in Athletics.
    • Irem Tumor, Interim Vice President for Research, announced national security issues and the role of institutions regarding trade secrets. OSU will comply, and is aware that not every potential partner has the best interest of the institution. There will be more dialog around this issue. Important to represent the imperative – the Faculty Senate will be engaged with on this issue.
  • Budget – a legislative bill for a $100M increase has been proposed to be shared by all eight public institutions, which reduces the anticipated reduction to $9M – still struggling to keep up with cost increases and facilities renewal. PERS increases will likely absorb the $9M.
  • Transfer numbers are up about 44%, which is higher than any other Oregon institution.
  • Aware that budget models work differently during a reduction – Feser will talk with the Executive Committee about what we’re looking at.
  • Provost Feser responded to an inquiry about whether he foresees any revenue changes related to a direct enroll emphasis by indicating that there are not many direct enroll students – most come from INTO. OSU is moving to a model where every international student comes in as an INTO student. This new model will result in approval of more visas for students in India and Africa. OSU will be the first in the nation to go to a direct enroll system. He hopes that the result of the new model will attract an increase in the number of international students, as well as helping to diversify the student body.


Teaching Evaluations at OSU
Devon Quick, Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching Committee Chair, provided a status report on actions taken related to OSU teaching evaluations since the last update during the April Faculty Senate meeting.

  • Four working groups are looking at things such as peer review, SET, portfolio, etc. Each working group will prepare a proposal and submit a report. The plan is to deliver the final report to the Executive Committee, with formal recommendations for a path forward on each of these topics.


OSU Board of Trustees Recap 
Mike Bailey, OSU Board of Trustees Faculty Member, will recap the May OSU Board of Trustees meetings.

  • There was not enough time for this report, but President Carson did announce that Mike Bailey has been reappointed by Governor Brown to a second term on the OSU Board of Trustees.


Jay Noller, Senior OSU Faculty Senate Senator, briefly recapped the April Interinstitutional Faculty Senate meeting hosted by Oregon Institute of Technology and the May Faculty Senate meeting hosted by SOU.

  • Discussed what to do about impending doom from the legislature. Some critical bills passed and some did not. 
  • President Carson advised Senators that, if asked to serve on the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate, it’s a great assignment.


Faculty Senate Survey Results 
Dwaine Plaza, Faculty Senate President-Elect, was to discuss the results of the recent survey sent to all faculty represented by the Faculty Senate.

  • There was not time to discuss the survey results.


  1. Committee/Council Annual Reports
    Annual committee/council reports submitted by Faculty Senate chairs are due July 15 to allow committees/councils to fully report their activities through June 30.
  1. 2019 Faculty Senate Meetings
    Please reserve the following dates for Faculty Senate meetings for the remainder of 2019; check the monthly agenda to determine the location. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM: October 10, November 14 and December 12.
  1. Vacancies
    Please notify the Faculty Senate Office if a sabbatical, leave, or retirement will prevent completion of your term as either a Senator or Faculty Senate committee/council member. If you are away more than one term, exclusive of summer term, a replacement is required. This information will assist us in identifying a replacement. Senators and committee/council members immediately continuing on a 1039-hour appointment may retain their position as long as the temporary appointment continues or until the end of their appointed/elected term, whichever comes first.
  1. Remote Participation in Faculty Senate Meetings
    To participate in Faculty Senate meetings via Zoom, log in to beginning at 2:50 PM on the day of the Senate meeting. Join the meeting by entering the meeting number, 373 543 288. Senators and proxies must log in with their real names so that attendance can be accurately reflected; if you are a proxy, please indicate the Senator you are representing. If you experience problems logging in during the meeting, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected].


Mina Carson

  • The Executive Committee is in the process of finalizing committee membership –terms begin July 1.


No new business

Meeting adjourned at 4:59PM

Minutes prepared by Vickie Nunnemaker, Faculty Senate staff

Members Present:
Agricultural Sciences: Epps (remote), Godwin, Gwin, Scott Heppell, Moyer, Murthy (remote), Noller, Sanchez, Sterns
Associated Faculty: Birky, Bruce (remote), Bunnage, Fleming, Gaines (remote), Gillies (remote), Greenough, Mathern, Milic, Pappas, Riggs (remote), Riney (remote), Signs, Silbernagel (remote), Trelstad, Viggiani, Yee (remote)
Business: LeMay (remote), Murnieks (remote), Swift
Cascades: Dahl (remote), McCalpine (remote), Witzke (remote)
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell (remote), Dever
Education: Thompson
Engineering: Grimm (remote), Jensen (remote), Johnston, Mayaram (remote), Paasch, Porter (remote)
Extension: Hein (remote), Johnson (remote)
Forestry: No senators present
Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators present
Liberal Arts: Burkhardt (remote), Maes (remote), Mize, Shaw, Sheehan, Warner
Library: Lorente
Pharmacy: Linares, Zumach (remote)
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bethel (remote), Bray (remote), Khanna (remote), MacTavish (remote), Mendez-Luck (remote)
Science: Bruslind, Mary Beisigel (v. Dick), Faridani (remote), Gable, Giovannoni, Jansen, Kayes, van Zee
Student Affairs: Alvarez-Cortez, Bowling (remote), Le (remote), Nakic (remote), Smith (remote)
Veterinary Medicine: No senators present

Members Absent:
Agricultural Sciences: Alix-Garcia, Bohnert, Bolte, Cassidy, Field, Selina Heppell, Mata-Gonzalez, Mundt, Waite-Cusic
Associated Faculty: Bradoch, Davis-White Eyes, McKnight, Vignos
Business: Bourne, Cluver, Gerasymenko, Scott
Cascades: Reuter
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Ruggiero, Shiel, Watkins-Brandt, Zirbel
Education: Lowery
Engineering: Fronk, Ideker, Kelly, Lee, Nembhard, Squires, Sweeney, Yeh
Extension: Arispe, Kaiser
Forestry: Belart, Creighton, Hatten, Schimleck
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Miller
Liberal Arts: Akins, Below, Duncan, Edwards, Emerson, Hammer, Lauer, Orosco, Roper, Shirazi, Trujillo
Library: No senators absent
Pharmacy: No senators absent
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg, Luck
Science: Bogley, McIntyre, Schellman, Thomann, Weis
Student Affairs: Atebe, Sanchez
Veterinary Medicine: Ackermann, Milovancev, Pastey

Ex-Officio members present:
Bokil (remote), Carson, Dorbolo, Edwards, Plaza, Quick, Ray, Waite

Non-Voting members present:
Bailey, Beachley

Jennifer Almquist (remote), Tasha Biesinger (remote), Jeff Chang, Lee Ann Garrison, Alix Gitelman, Tom Fenske (remote), Lindy Foster (remote), Joshua Gess (remote), Brooke Howland (remote), Cub Kahn (remote), Ben Mason, Robynn Pease, Kristin Rifai (remote), Lynn Riverstone (remote), Denis Sather (remote), Robbin Sim (remote), Joey Spatafora, Alex Stone (remote), John Sweet, Brett Tyler, Steven Zielke