A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at https://senate.oregonstate.edu/june-14-2018. This recap contains agenda attachments, votes associated with action items, Information Items and the Roll Call.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


  1. Proposed Standing Rules Revisions 

Hui Zhang, Committee on Committees Chair, presented for approval proposed for the below Faculty Senate councils and committee:

Action: Motion to approve passed with 49 votes in favor, no dissenting votes and one abstention.

  • Promotion & Tenure Committee

Action: Senator Pappas moved to recommit the proposed revisions to the Promotion and Tenure Committee; motion seconded and passed with 55 votes in favor to recommit, 4 opposed and 1 abstention.

  • Research Council

Action: Mason moved to recommit the proposed revisions to the Research Council; motion seconded and passed with 58 votes in favor, 2 in opposition and 1 abstention.

  1. Curricular Proposal – Suspension of the Education EdM #100869 

John Bailey, Curriculum Council co-chair, presented for approval the . This proposal was tabled at the May Senate meeting given confusion about its scope.  

Action: Motion to approve the Suspension of the Education EdM passed by 64 votes in favor, no dissenting votes and 2 abstentions.

  1. Consideration of Degree Candidates

Rebecca Mathern, Associate Provost and University Registrar, presented the recommended lists of degree candidates for Academic Distinction, Baccalaureate Degree Candidates and Advanced Degrees. The Faculty Senate is asked to approve these candidates on behalf of the Faculty of the University. These candidates have been certified by the appropriate academic units, committees, councils and the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar's Memorandum outlines the policies and procedures for the review and approval of degree candidates.

Action: Motion to approve the degree candidates passed by 70 votes in favor, no dissenting votes and no abstentions.


  1. Institutional Awarding 

Rebecca Mathern, Associate Provost and University Registrar, outlined the next steps for OSU’s shift to institutional degree awarding, and this was one of the promised periodic updates on this topic. This presentation included a review of the topic, identifying the three pilot colleges and discussing the current timeline.

  1. Student Response System Needs Assessment and Next Steps

Lynn Greenough, Associate Director, Learning Platform Services in University Information & Technology, provided a summary of Academic Technology’s campus-wide needs assessment of student response systems and presented the approach and timeline for transitioning the centrally supported system from the current service provider (Turning Technologies) to Top Hat.

  1. Faculty Unionization Update

Susan Capalbo, Sr. Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, and Becca Gose, General Counsel, provided an update on faculty unionization.


Online Education Committee 

Stefanie Buck and Cheridy Aduviri, Online Education Committee members, presented information related to a survey of online teaching faculty and instructors conducted this past year. The presentation included survey highlights, a progress report on an online/hybrid peer-review of teaching guide developed to help online instructors with the review process and a report on future projects.


Roger Nielsen, Senior OSU IFS Senator, recapped the March meeting hosted by OSU and the May meeting hosted by OIT.


  1. Committee/Council Annual Reports

Annual committee/council reports submitted by Faculty Senate chairs are due July 15 to allow committees/councils to fully report their activities through June 30.

  1. 2018 Faculty Senate Meetings

Please reserve the following dates for Faculty Senate meetings for the remainder of 2018; check the monthly agenda to determine the location. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM:

        October 11, November 8 and December 6

Note that December 6 is not the second Thursday.

  1. Vacancies

Please notify the Faculty Senate Office if a sabbatical, leave, or retirement will prevent completion of your term as either a Senator or Faculty Senate committee/council member. If you are away more than one term, exclusive of summer term, a replacement is required. This information will assist us in identifying a replacement.

  1. Remote Participation in Faculty Senate Meetings

To participate in Faculty Senate meetings via WebEx, log in to https://oregonstate.webex.com beginning at 2:50 PM on the day of the Senate meeting, and then login with your ONID credentials to the Faculty Senate Chat Room. Senators and proxies must log in with their real names so that attendance can be accurately reflected; if you are a proxy, please indicate the Senator you are representing. If you are asked for a meeting number, insert 921 759 624. If you experience problems logging in during the meeting, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected].


Jon Dorbolo




Meeting adjourned at 4:51 PM.

Recap prepared by Vickie Nunnemaker, Faculty Senate staff

Roll Call

Members Present:
Agricultural Sciences: Alix-Garcia (remote), Bolte (remote), Diebel, Epps, Goddik (remote), Scott Heppell, Selina Heppell (remote), Moyer (remote), Sanchez, Sterns, Waite-Cusic (remote)
Associated Faculty: Birky, Bradoch, Breen, Bromagem, Bruce (remote), Calvery (remote), Fleming, Hansen, Hayes (remote), Mathern, Patrick Hughes (v. McKnight), Kevin Bailey (v. Milic) (remote), Mills, Pappas, Riggs, Riney (remote), Signs (remote), Silbernagel, Waite, Yee (remote)
Business: Akroyd (remote), Bourne (remote), Cluver (remote), LeMay (remote), Murnieks (remote)
Cascades: Dahl (remote), Hagen (remote)
Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell, Dever, Watkins-Brandt
Education: Aaron (remote), Bachman (remote)
Engineering: Albertani, Johnston, Kelly (remote), Mayaram (remote), Paasch, Wildenschild (remote)
Extension: Wells (remote)
Forestry: Hatten (remote), Schimleck
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Henkel (remote)
Liberal Arts: Barnd (remote), Boovy (remote), Inderbitzin, Maldonado (remote) Osei-Kofi (remote), Plaza, Shirazi (remote), Trujillo
Library: Uta Hussong-Chrstian (v. Van Tuyl)
Pharmacy: Linares
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bethel (remote), Khanna (remote), Krahn (remote), MacTavish (remote), Yun (remote)
Science: Beisiegel (remote), David Koslicki (v. Bogley), Bokil, Cozzi, Faridani, Gitelman, McIntyre, Ossiander, Swisher (remote), Tate
Student Affairs: Atebe (remote), Smith
Veterinary Medicine: No senators present


Members Absent:
Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert, Chang, Field, Gaebel, Hayes, Mata-Gonzalez, Mundt, Murth, Noller, Simonich
Associated Faculty: Sagmiller, Vignos
Business: Gerasymenko
Cascades: Witzke, Wolsko
Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences: Meigs, Ozkan-Haller, Shiel
Education: No Absences
Engineering: Bay, Gambatese, Lee, Porter, Scott, Squires, Yeh
Extension: Arispe, Hein, Kaiser
Forestry: Cushing, Knowles, Shaw
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Miller
Liberal Arts: Below, Chappell, Duncan, Lauer, Orosco, Roper
Library: No absences
Pharmacy: Sikora
Public Health & Human Sciences: Hannigan-Downs, Luck
Science: Giovannoni, Remcho, Riverstone
Student Affairs: Jenkins, Le, Wright
Veterinary Medicine: Gordon, Milovancev, Pastey

Ex-Officio members present:
John Bailey, Bunnage, Dorbolo, Mason, Nielsen, Quick (via remote)

Non-Voting members present:
Mike Bailey (via remote), Beachley

Guests Present:
Jennifer Almquist (remote), Matt Andrews (remote), Brenda Brucker (remote), Stefanie Buck, Raul Burriel (remote), Debby C. (remote), Sara Daly (remote), Mark Dinsmore (remote), Tom Fenske (remote), Lindy Foster (remote), Rosemary Garagnani (remote), David Goodrum, Lynn Greenough, Stephanie Jenkins, Cub Kahn (remote), Chris Knutson, Anthony Minniti, Janet Nishihara (remote), Steven Olson, Nargas Oskui (remote), Sastry Pantula (remote), Robynn Pease (remote), Ron Reuter (remote), Amy Riley (remote), Elena Sepp, Yu Adam Shen (remote), Robbin Sim (remote), Debby Widony (remote), Krystle Wolfe