Meeting Date: 
February 4, 2021
Thu 02/04/2021 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. New issue to consider from the Library Committee members?
  1. Update from the Interim University Librarian
  1. Collect feedback on the Open Access publishing survey

Voting members present: David Barber, Marit Bovbjerg, Christine Gallagher, Kate Kerish, Hua-yu Li, Janet Nishihara, Melissa Santala
Voting members absent: Erica Fleishman, Carolyn Fonyo (unable to log into the Zoom meeting)
Early departure: David Barber left at 4:30 PM
Ex-officio member present: Anne-Marie Deitering, Interim University Librarian


Chair Melissa Santala presided.

Update from University Librarian

Anne-Marie’s update of areas at the library that are struggling during the pandemic:

  • Book acquisitions: The library has shifted to the practice of purchasing on demand. The library has been purchasing E-books for both general circulation and loans to other institutions. Although other institutions have stopped lending physical copies via interlibrary loans, OSU continues to provide “surface transmission” of physical copies for interlibrary loans. Since the pandemic, OSU has purchased 1,500 E-books and 800 hard copies.
  • Course reserves: The library has been partnering with the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) more directly than before. The library has been buying licensed digital E-books and trying to obtain an unlimited number of licenses, but it is difficult. Textbook publishers do not like to sell digital E-books with an unlimited number of licenses. To remedy the situation, the library has made 10,000 pages of copies, 900 copies of books and 700 copies of E-books for course reserves. But this remedy is labor intensive.

There are two areas where faculty members could help:

  1. Currently, many faculty members make requests for course reserves only one week before the term begins. It would make things easier for library staff if such requests could be submitted sooner than one week before the beginning of the term.
  2. For faculty members who are the authors of textbooks used in courses at OSU, it would be very helpful if they could request the publishers to allow OSU to have institutional licensing rights.

Finally, Anne-Marie emphasized that The Valley Library is committed to operating a robust system to provide services to support faculty and students.

Review of Draft Survey

Melissa led the discussion on Michael Boock’s draft survey on the Open and Sustainable Communications Climate at OSU. The survey is targeted at faculty and is intended to get their thoughts and opinions about the Open Access publishing.

  • Several members of the committee raised concerns about the draft survey:
    • definitions are confusing
    • organization is not clear
    • the questionnaire is hard to read
    • Anne-Marie stated that she had similar concerns about the draft survey.
  • The Committee members recommended:
    • Using as little “jargon” as possible
    • Make the survey and individual questions as concise as possible
    • Avoid having closely related questions that only differ by one or two words
    • Group the questions into clear sub-sections
  • The Committee recommends that more feedback from faculty members is solicited before distributing the survey.

The meeting ended at 5 pm.


Minutes taken by Hua-yu Li