Meeting Date: 
May 22, 2023
05/22/2023 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Annual Report
  1. Website
  1. OSU Libraries Update - Anne-Marie Deitering
  1. Open Access Policy
  1. Copyright Policy

Voting members present: Roberto Albertani, Marit Bovbjerg, Erica Fleishman, Tim Jensen, Janet Nishihara, Carlos Rodarte, Tim Zuehlsdorff
Voting members absent: Bradley Boovy, Dianna Fisher, Hua-yu Li,
Ex-officio members present: Anne-Marie Deitering – OSU Libraries
Guests present: Michael Boock, Margaret Mellinger


Annual Report

  • Marit will draft and send around for review.


  • The Library Committee (LC) agrees the OSU homepage needs a link to the library website directly. Students shouldn’t have to search. Margaret will get the Executive Committee (EC) to push on that.

OSU Libraries Update – Anne-Marie Deitering

  • Journal negotiations
    • Updated for a year with Springer Nature, got them to drop the NDA (meaning we can discuss what’s in our contract with other libraries) but that’s all. OSU Libraries & Press (OSULP) can only handle one big negotiation per year, really. Springer side of Springer Nature is pretty good in terms of overall values, but not Nature but they come as a pair.
    • Elsevier. OSULP will look at data from article delivery service over the summer. in the fall, meet with colleges, get input for contract negotiations. OSU pattern different than University of Oregon (UO). Their Elsevier use is decreasing, with lots of undergraduate use. Our Elsevier use is going up, and lots of faculty use. We can’t tell grad students from faculty, which is unfortunate. Maybe need an update to Banner? OSULP spent $13 k for pay on demand in April. Still below a subscription (more than $1 million per year). Also, Elsevier claimed they were giving us “everything” but no, there’s a lot that wasn’t in the subscription…so we’re getting more content, for less money. Just not quite as quickly. We might not negotiate, but rather just subscribe sticker price for a few, use on demand for the rest.
      • OSU leadership still supportive of Elsevier block. But Anne-Marie would like more support on OA generally from administration.
    • Next contracts: Lexus Nexus (LN) (legal info database). OSU uses it for news, mostly. Owned by same parent company as Elsevier. They have really poor data privacy practices. They share data with ICE, for instance. OSULP sent an addendum to our contract to protect our users’ privacy; haven’t heard back. Maybe we’ll drop this one. It’s only $25k per year, so not a ton, but not nothing. We can access news in other ways, and without a law school, LN isn’t absolutely necessary.
    • American Chemical Society via Orbis Cascade. Their practices are not ideal, eg. subscriptions required for accreditation, no price transparency. Anne-Marie is working with dean, chair, and chemistry faculty.
  • Library building
    • Horrible sewer leak during finals week winter term. It was in the basement, but library staff don’t have access to basement so it took a while to diagnose. Facilities very quick once they figured it out, but nonetheless students didn’t use the library for studying.
    • Also losing students because there is currently an issue with HVAC. The computer that runs the controller runs windows 98. The coffee shop is incredibly hot, other areas are super cold. Both of these affect student willingness to use the library. When the roof is replaced (maybe next summer), can maybe fix the HVAC stuff. Roof needs to be replaced (there’s a leak in special collections, for instance), but administration keeps putting it off.
    • Lots of people are using the outdoor furniture. The Library is looking to expand that as students are studying out there, not just socializing.
  • Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC)
    • Laid off all librarians. Library will stay open, but without any faculty? There will still be student staff.
      • This was >60% of the LBCC’s faculty of color – maybe that’s a point to press on?
    • Transfer students will miss out on a lot.
    • School of Writing, Literature & Film wrote a joint letter with library. No response from LBCC. Other writers around the state report same. LBCC faculty senate ignored all concerns. Many other letters (eg. from UO, etc.) have been sent and ignored by LBCC administration.
    • This will affect student success across the state. Students currently in WR121 work a lot on how to use evidence in writing. Without library faculty, information literacy will take a dive.
    • Also, LBCC librarians were leading affordability initiatives on campus for textbooks, etc. What will happen there?
      • OSU will have further burden as a result
      • Any press involvement?
        • There was a bit two months ago. nothing since. Could we do something?
      • Margaret will bring to the EC, maybe they can get this to the press with more impact?
    • Community College budgets are all falling across the state. Maybe others will do this too?
      • Maybe get in touch with legislators or accreditation boards? Margaret will bring back to the EC.

Open Access Policy

Action: Motion to approve version 2 of the open access policy, edited to include gender-neutral language; seconded. Motion passed with 7 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 0 abstentions.

Copyright Policy – Michael Boock

  • There’s a new copyright policy
    • Library faculty have been working with policy office to update it.
    • The old policy required explicit permission for copying for course packets.
    • The new policy covers exceptions to copyright, with extensive section on fair use. Didn’t get everything the library faculty wanted, but it includes quite a bit. Essentially – check with the library if you want to do something. They might have a license, or they’ll help you figure it out. Lots of outreach has been done (OSU today, Michael teaches workshops, etc.)