Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Item

  • Motion: To approve the proposal to inactivate the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Major (MS, PhD).
    • Motion passed 80 votes in favor, 3 votes in opposition and 4 abstentions.

Roll Call

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert (remote), Calderon (remote), Cannon (remote), Chaplen (remote), Contreras, Crannell (remote), Ellsworth (remote), Garcia (remote), Melathopoulos (remote), Shalynn Pack (v. Sidlauskas) (remote), Vining (remote)

Associated Faculty: Alexis (remote), Bamberger (remote), Chris Gasser (v. Bird), Bruce (remote), Cohen (remote), Dorbolo (remote), DuPont (remote), Fleury (remote), Gillies (remote), Greenough (remote), Hansen, Heath, Hill (remote), Kerish (remote), Trelstad (remote), Waite (remote), Walton (remote)

Business: Barnhart (remote), O’Brien (remote), Obermire (remote), Olstad (remote), Trinidad (remote)

Cascades: Dahl (remote), Ewe (remote), Smith (remote), Zardinejad (remote)

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell (remote), Crump, Fewings (remote), Lerczak

Education: Wright (remote)

Engineering: Bailey (remote), Evans (remote), Haller (remote), Howard (remote), Hurwitz (remote), C. Palmer, T. Palmer, Rich, Tadepalli (remote), Tucker (remote)

Extension: Davis (remote), Edmunds (remote), Hein (remote), Sundquist (remote)

Forestry: D’Antonio, Hall (remote), Rivers (remote)

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett (remote), Storms (remote)

Liberal Arts: Barstow (remote), Boudet (remote), Bude (remote), Chappell (remote), Duncan (remote), Holmberg (remote), Inderbitzin (remote), Plaza (remote), Reason, Shay, Ward, Whitebear, Zapata (remote)

Library: No senators present

Pharmacy: No senators present

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg (remote), Garcia (remote), Hoffman (remote), Kile (remote), MacDonald, Norcross (remote), Marc Braverman (v. Riportella)


Science: Beisiegel (remote), Carter, Cheong, Christie (remote), Clark (remote), Gire (remote), Kayes (remote), McIntyre (remote), Lee (remote), Rowe (remote), van Zee, Walsh (remote)

Student Affairs: Archer (remote), Creighton (remote), Brad Young (v. Fuhrman), Nishihara

Veterinary Medicine: Chappell (remote), Hall (remote)

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Busby, Chang, Jaiswal, Lambrinos, Nelson

Associated Faculty: Anderson, Hayes, Perez, Ward

Business: Chen, Ross

Cascades: No senators absent

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Fehrenbacher, Walczak

Education: McIntosh

Engineering: Abbas, Fern, Gess, Ideker, Wildenschild

Extension: Olcott

Forestry: Bailey

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Hurst, Orosco, Osei-Kofi, Stout

Library: Boock

Pharmacy: Morley, Philmus

Public Health & Human Sciences: No senators absent


Science: Halsey

Student Affairs: Anderson

Veterinary Medicine: Semevolos

Ex-Officio members present:

Alix-Garcia, Becker-Blease (remote), Bunnage (remote), Edwards, Feser, Fleming, Geddes (remote), MacTavish, Mellinger (remote), Spitz

Non-Voting members present:

Beachley (remote), Scott (remote)


Heather Arbuckle (remote), Stephanie Bernell (remote), Nancy Bremner (remote), Brendan Brucker (remote), Gloria Crisp, Sara Daly (remote), Marina Denny (remote), Andy Dong, Karen Elliott (remote), Daniel Faltesek, Mary Gardner (remote), Romeo Lopez Gonzalez (remote), Meili Gunawan (remote), Regan Gurung, Janet Harrison (remote), Selina Heppell (remote), Ping-Hung Hsieh (remote), McKenzie Huber, Katherine McAlvage (remote), Cyndie McCarley (remote), David McIntyre (remote), Raleigh Morgan (remote), Philip Moe (remote), Janice Nave-Abele (remote), Mykl Nelson (remote), Shain Panzeri (remote), Kirsten Petersen (remote), Devon Quick (remote), Keith Raab (remote), Rene Reitsma, Kristin Rifai (remote), Robbin Sim (remote), Caryn Stoess (remote), Katie Vorderstrasse (remote), Becca Wagner (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Katheryn Yetter, Shiao-Ling Yu (remote), Weiwei Zhang (remote), Mo (no last name provided) (remote)