Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Items

  • Motion to accept the New Program Proposal (Humanitarian Engineering Certificate, Key #781) as presented by the Curriculum Council co-chair.
    • Motion passed with 78 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 0 abstentions
  • Motion to approve the 2023 Apportionment Table
    • Motion passed with 77 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 2 abstentions

Roll Call

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Auer (remote), Burkholder (remote), Busby (remote), Chang (remote), Contreras (remote), Crannell (remote), Etherington (remote), Moyer (remote), Sidlauskas (remote), Vining (remote)

Associated Faculty: Alexis (remote), Anderson, Badger (remote), Bamberger (remote), Bird, Bruce (remote), Cholewinski (remote), Dolan (remote), DuPont (remote), Fleming (remote), Greenough, Hansen, Kellie Walker (v. Hayes), Perez (remote), Riggs (remote), Rose (remote), Trelstad (remote), Waite (remote)

Business: Chen (remote), Obermire (remote), Olstad, Paterson (remote), Stornelli (remote)

Cascades: Dahl (remote), Geddes (remote)

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Becker, Andrew Barnard (v. Colwell) (remote), Dever (remote), Fewings (remote), Lerczak (remote), Walczak (remote)

Education: Golya (remote)

Engineering: Bailey, Fern (remote), Hurwitz (remote), Jovanovic (remote), MacCarty (remote), C. Palmer, T. Palmer, Tadepalli (remote), Tucker (remote), Wong (remote)

Extension: Cruickshank (remote), Davis (remote), Edmunds (remote), Hein (remote)

Forestry: D’Antonio (remote), Ripple (remote)

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett (remote)

Liberal Arts: Barstow (remote), Boudet (remote), Chappell (remote), Inderbitzin (remote), Kara Ritzheimer (v. Kaplan) (remote), Orosco (remote), Osei-Kofi (remote), Shay, Ward (remote), Zapata (remote)

Library: Boock (remote)

Pharmacy: Olstad, Philmus

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg (remote), Kim Hannigan-Downs (v. Ebbeck), Hoffman (remote), MacDonald (remote), Norcross, Riportella


Science: Beisiegel (remote), Clark (remote), Dascaliuc (remote), Gire (remote), Halsey, McIntyre (remote), Lee (remote), Petsche (remote), van Zee, Walsh (remote)

Student Affairs: Cardella, Creighton (remote), Mott, Nishihara

Veterinary Medicine: Semevolos

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert, Dugger, Garcia, Hayes, Jaiswal, Lambrinos, Melathopoulos, Tullos

Associated Faculty: Buckley, Cohen

Business: Barnhart, Huff

Cascades: Moses, Zardinejad

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: No senators absent

Education: McIntosh

Engineering: Abbas, Dhagat, Ideker, Johnston, Trejo

Extension: No senators absent

Forestry: Bailey, Magnuson

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Boovy, Duncan, Hamblin, Hurst, Johnston, Rodgers, Stout, Tilt

Library: No senators absent

Pharmacy: No senators absent

Public Health & Human Sciences: Kile


Science: Cheong, Quick

Student Affairs: Archer, Braxton-Franklin, Whitebear

Veterinary Medicine: Duesterdieck-Zellmer, Holder

Ex-Officio members present:

Bunnage, Edwards, Feser (remote), Gillies (remote), Heppell, Huber (remote), MacTavish, Mellinger, Murthy

Non-Voting members present:



Kathy Becker-Blease, Tasha Biesinger (remote), Chris Branam (remote), Brendan Brucker (remote), Molly Chambers (remote), Gloria Crisp (remote), Dan Faltesek, Keith Foster (remote), Brenna Gomez (remote), Romeo Lopez Gonzalez (remote), Meili Gunawan (remote), Erin Heim (remote), Ping-Hung Hsieh (remote), Kate Kerish (remote), Kristen Milligan (remote), Janice Nave-Abele (remote), Shain Panzeri (remote), Carley Ries (remote), Courtney Seton (remote), Rick Settersten, Lisa Templeton (remote), Allen Thompson (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Steve Wuhs, Shiao-Ling Yu (remote)