A PDF of the recap can be found here.

Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at https://senate.oregonstate.edu/october-12-2017. This recap contains agenda attachments, votes associated with action items, Information Items and the Roll Call.


October 12, 2017



  • Paul Doescher – Rangeland Resources, College of Agricultural Sciences; Natural Resources, College of Forestry


OSU President Edward J. Ray will present his State of the University Address titled ‘Shaping Change and Addressing Challenges‘.


  1. OSU Intercollegiate Athletics

Susan Capalbo, Interim Senior International Officer and Senior Vice Provost, and Bob Gilmour, Executive Director, INTO OSU, provided an update of the program, including enrollment and student success, as INTO OSU reaches its 10th year at OSU.


Graduate Council Proposed Policy 

Theresa Filtz, Graduate Council member, presented for approval a policy proposed by the Faculty Senate Graduate Council:

Action: Motion regarding the Policy on Disallowance of Undergraduate Courses in the Calculation of the Final Graduate Student GPA passed with 50 votes in favor, 4 dissenting votes and 4 abstentions.


1.  Faculty Small Group Sessions with President Ray

In an ongoing effort to improve communication lines between the faculty and administration, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee is sponsoring two Fall term small group conversations with President Ray and faculty (academic, research and professional). These conversations will be facilitated by a Faculty Senate Executive Committee member and will consist of up to 12 faculty. This is an opportunity for the President to hear what faculty are thinking and experiencing; faculty are encouraged to speak freely. If you’d like an issue clarified, or wish to confirm a rumor, this is the place to do it!

The sessions are October 31 from 1:00-2:30 and November 27 from 9:30-11:00. If you wish to attend, please register online at http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8JmFMuYC1xkg3I1.

2.  2017 Faculty Senate Meetings
Please reserve the following dates for Faculty Senate meetings for the remainder of 2017; check the monthly agenda to determine the location. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM:
       November 9, December 7

Note that December 7 is correct, but it’s not the second Thursday.

3.  Remote Participation in Faculty Senate Meetings

To participate in Faculty Senate meetings via WebEx, log in to https://oregonstate.webex.com beginning at 2:50 PM on the day of the Senate meeting, and then login with your ONID credentials to the Faculty Senate Chat Room. Senators and proxies must log in with their real names so that attendance can be accurately reflected; if you are a proxy, please indicate the Senator you are representing. If you are asked for a meeting number, insert 921 759 624. If you experience problems logging in during the meeting, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected].

4.  Senate or Committee/Council Vacancies

Please notify the Faculty Senate Office if a sabbatical, leave, or retirement will prevent completion of your term as either a Senator or Faculty Senate committee/council member. If you are away more than one term, exclusive of summer term, a replacement is required. This information will assist us in identifying a replacement.

 5. Faculty Senate Retirements and 1039-Hour Appointments

Faculty Senators – Faculty Senators whose terms extend beyond December 31, but who are retiring at the end of fall term, are no longer eligible to serve as a Senator. If you fall into this category, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected] as soon as possible so a replacement can be identified to complete the remainder of your term.
Committee/Council Members – Faculty whose Senate committee/council terms extend beyond December 31, and are either retiring at the end of fall term or whose 1039-hour appointments end fall term, are no longer eligible to continue serving. If you are not filling a specified emeritus/retired position on the committee/council on which you serve, or if you are unsure, please contact the Faculty Senate Office so a determination may be made and/or a replacement identified.

6.  President-Elect, Executive Committee and IFS Elections

As provided in the Senate Bylaws, (Article VI, Section 3) and amended on October 6, 1977, "additional nominations may be made from the floor and the nominations shall be closed." The Executive Committee requires that if such nominations from the floor are made, the nominator must obtain, in advance, the nominee's willingness to serve if elected.

The University-wide election of the President-Elect and IFS Senator will be conducted between November 15 and December 6. Ballots will be distributed to all eligible voting members of the OSU faculty, in accordance with current Faculty Senate Bylaws. Voting must be completed no later than Noon on December 6 and results will be verified prior to the December 7 Faculty Senate meeting. The individual receiving the highest number of votes will be declared the winner in each of the elections.

Election of new members of the Executive Committee will be conducted electronically among current Faculty Senators prior to the December 7 Faculty Senate meeting. Those candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Tie votes shall be resolved by written ballot in a run-off election during the December meeting.

7.  Faculty Senate Elections – Faculty with Split Appointments

According to the Faculty Senate Bylaws, non-tenured faculty who have split appointments between two apportionment units may choose with which unit they wish to be apportioned for Faculty Senate purposes. For example, if a faculty member has a split appointment between Agricultural Sciences and Science, they may choose one or the other (FTE will not be split among units). This choice will determine Senate representation. Faculty not choosing where they wish to be apportioned, will be placed in an apportionment unit at the discretion of the Faculty Senate Office. Please contact the Faculty Senate Office at [email protected] no later than Noon on October 30 to indicate with which unit you wish to be apportioned. When responding, please provide your name, the units you are split between, and the one with which you prefer to be apportioned. Tenured faculty will be apportioned in their tenure unit, with the exception of the following apportionment units: off-campus Extension, OSU-Cascades and Hatfield Marine Science Center. 

8.  Declining Senator Election

All currently employed academic, research and professional faculty, who do not hold Executive Level 1, 2 or 3 positions, are eligible to be elected to a Senator position and represent faculty in their respective Faculty Senate apportionment unit. If you wish to decline to have your name placed on the Senator Nomination Ballot, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at [email protected] no later than Noon on October 30. Faculty must decline each year.


Susan Capalbo, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs represented the Provost.

  • Development of Strategic Plan 4.0
  • Search Updates:
    • Vice President for Finance and Administration – Mike Green was appointed as interim
    • Chief Human Resources Officer – campus visits are underway and the forums have been recorded
    • Deans:
      • College of Agricultural Sciences – Dan Arp is stepping down June30. Mark Zabriskie is chairing the dean search.
      • College of Pharmacy – Mark Zabriskie is stepping down June 30. Dan Arp is chairing the dean search.
    • Vice Provost for Student Affairs – the search will begin Winter term


Bob Mason

  • Small group sessions with President Ray are scheduled on October 31 and November 27.
  • The remaining Fall term Faculty Senate meetings are November 9 and December 7.
  • Regarding Faculty Senate elections, consider nominating yourself or others.


  • None

Meeting adjourned at 5 PM.

Recap prepared by Vickie Nunnemaker, Faculty Senate staff

Roll Call

Members Present:
Agricultural Sciences: Chang (remote), Goddik (remote), Pscheidt (remote), Simonich (remote), Stone (remote)
Associated Faculty: Bradoch, Breen, Sara Daly (v. Bruce) (remote), Calvery (remote), Gillies, Hayes, Mathern, Nishihara, Riggs, Sagmiller, Sather (remote), Signs
Business: Akroyd, Bourne (remote), Cluver, LeMay, Murnieks (remote), Schilpzand (remote), Scott (remote)
Cascades: Bakos (remote)
Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences: Dever, Meigs
Education: Arellano
Engineering: Hunter-Zaworski (remote), Johnston, Kelly, Mayaram (remote), Moon (remote), Tumer, Wildenschild (remote)
Forestry: Cushing (remote), Shaw (remote)
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Henkel (remote)
Liberal Arts: Below, Boovy (remote), Cramer (remote), Duncan (remote), Inderbitzin, Maldonado – proxy name illegible, Plaza, Trujillo (remote)
Pharmacy: Ann Zweber (v. Linares)
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bethel (remote), Bovbjerg, Carozza (remote), Hannigan-Downs, Krahn, Mahana, Yun (remote)
Science: Beisiegel (remote), David Koslicki (v. Bogley), Bokil (remote), Cozzi, Faridani, Gable, Giovannoni, Gitelman, McIntyre, Ossiander, Quick, Remcho, Swisher (remote), Tate, Thomann

Members Absent:
Agricultural Sciences: Cassidy, Diebel, Field, Gaebel, Hayes, Heppell, Mata-Gonzalez, McGorrin, Sanchez, Sherman
Associated Faculty: Bangs, Hansen, Powell, Yee
Business: Gerasymenko
Cascades: Hagen, Wolsko
Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences: Mix, Ozkan-Haller, White
Education: Bachman
Engineering: Albertani, Bay, Gambatese, Istok, Jovanovic, Scott, Squires, Stone, Yeh
Extension: Ashton, Galloway, Riggs
Forestry: Knowles, Leavengood
Liberal Arts: Barnd, Chappell, Dickey, Driskill, Gottlieb, Gross, Herrera, Orosco, Osei-Kofi, Roper, Shay, Sheehan
Library: Van Tuyl
Pharmacy: Sikora
Public Health & Human Sciences: Luck, Wilcox
Science: Jansen, Karplus, Riverstone, Weis
Student Affairs: Alvarez-Cortez, Jenkins, Newhart, Wright
Veterinary Medicine: Gordon, Huber


Anita Azarenko (remote), Raul Burriel (remote), Kristina Case (remote), Casey Fenner (remote), Theresa Filtz, Linda Firth (remote), Mary Flahive (remote), Tricia Gerding (remote), Eric Gleske, Mike Green (remote), Lynn Greenough (remote), Julie Greenwood (remote), Karen Hooker (remote), Shannon Kelly (remote), Sam Khan (remote), Jesse Nelson, Julee Otter (remote), Sastry Pantula (remote), Dennis Sather (remote), Noni Scherer (remote), Kirk Schueler (remote), Dustin Sievers (remote), Dorthe Wildenschild (remote)