Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at Below are the Action Items and the Roll Call.

Action Items

  • Motion: The Faculty Senate of Oregon State University ratifies the revised Baccalaureate Core structure as presented in the Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee Report and Proposal (Revised Version June 2022).
    • Motion passed with 101 votes in favor, 11 votes in opposition and 8 abstentions.
  • Motion: Faculty Senate will institute a Baccalaureate Core Implementation Budget Committee to operate concurrently with the Baccalaureate Core Implementation Committee. Working with the Baccalaureate Core Director, the committee will review the series of budget investment scenarios discussed with university administration developed during Phase II. Moving forward, the committee will review the adequacy of resources needed for implementation of the curricular changes, course development, and additional capacity needed to develop and lead new categories within the proposed program as recommended by the Faculty Senate. Additionally, the committee will examine anticipated workshops, mentoring opportunities, and trainings to develop new courses or revise existing ones. The committee will consist of ten faculty members, up to two undergraduate student members, and the Associate Vice President of Budget and Resource Planning and the Baccalaureate Core Director serving ex-officio, non-voting.  
    • Motion passed with 65 votes in favor, 34 votes in opposition and 11 abstentions

Roll Call

Members Present:

Agricultural Sciences: Auer, Bohnert (remote), Busby, Chang (remote), Contreras, Crannell (remote), Etherington (remote), Garcia (remote), Hayes (remote), Jaiswal (remote), Melathopoulos (remote), Moyer (remote), Sidlauskas (remote), Vining (remote)

Associated Faculty: Alexis, Anderson, Machelle Bamberger (v. Michael Bamberger) (remote), Bird (remote), Bruce, Cohen (remote), Dolan (remote), DuPont, Fleming, Greenough, Hansen, Hayes, Pappas, Perez, Riggs, Rose, Trelstad, Waite (remote)

Business: Barnhart (remote), Chen, Huff (remote), Laura Rees (v. Obermire) (remote), Olstad, Paterson, Stornelli (remote)

Cascades: Bakos (remote), Dahl (remote), Geddes (remote), Zardinejad (remote)

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Becker, Colwell, Dever, Fewings (remote), Lerczak, Walczak (remote)

Education: Golya (remote)

Engineering: Abbas (remote), Bailey, Dhagat (remote), Fern (remote), Burkan Isgor (v. Hurwitz) (remote), Johnston, Jovanovic, Paula De Szoeka (v. MacCarty) (remote), C. Palmer (remote), T. Palmer, Tadepalli, Trejo (remote), Tucker, Wong (remote)

Extension: Cruickshank (remote), Davis (remote), Edmunds (remote)

Forestry: Bailey (remote), D’Antonio (remote), Ripple (remote)

Hatfield Marine Science Center: Moffett (remote)

Liberal Arts: Barstow (remote), Kryn Freehling-Burton (v. Boovy) (remote), Boudet (remote), Chappell (remote), Hamblin, Inderbitzin (remote), Johnston (remote), Kara Ritzheimer (v. Kaplan), Osei-Kofi (remote), Shay, Tilt (remote), Ward, Zapata (remote)

Library: Boock

Pharmacy: Olstad, Philmus (remote)

Public Health & Human Sciences: Bovbjerg (remote), Ebbeck (remote), Hoffman (remote), Megan McClelland (v. Kile) (remote), Kim Hannigan-Downs (v. MacDonald) (remote), Norcross, Riportella


Science: Beisiegel, Clark, Dascaliuc, Gire (remote), Halsey (remote), McIntyre, Petsche (remote), Brenna Gomez (v. Quick) (remote), van Zee, Walsh

Student Affairs: Archer, Braxton-Nikia (remote), Brandi Fuhrman (v. Cardella), Kerry Kincanon (v. Creighton), Nishihara, Whitebear (remote)

Veterinary Medicine: Duesterdieck-Zellmer (remote), Semevolos (remote)

Members Absent:

Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert, Dugger, Lambrinos

Associated Faculty: Buckley

Business: No senators absent

Cascades: No senators absent

Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: No senators absent

Education: McIntosh

Engineering: Ideker

Extension: Hein

Forestry: Magnuson

Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators absent

Liberal Arts: Hurst

Library: No senators absent

Pharmacy: No senators absent

Public Health & Human Sciences: No senators absent


Science: Cheong, Lee

Student Affairs: No senators absent

Veterinary Medicine: Holder

Ex-Officio members present:

Bunnage, Edwards, Feser (remote), Gillies (remote), Heppell, Huber, MacTavish, Mellinger, Murthy, Perez (remote)

Non-Voting members present:

Beachley (remote)


Cheridy Aduviri (remote), Belinda Batten (remote), Kathy Becker Blease, Julianna Betjemann (remote), Sherm Bloomer, Jon Boeckenstedt (remote), Vrushali Bokil (remote), Kristina Case (remote), Mary Chuinard (remote), Steve Clark, Jen Cohen (remote), Sara Daly (remote), Fred DeAngelis (remote), Rick DeBellis (remote), Rich Duncombe (remote), Daniel Faltesek, Kali Furman (remote), Mary Gardner (remote), Nicole von Germeten (remote), Alix Gitelman, Romeo Lopez Gonzalez (remote), Meili Gunawan (remote), Regan Gurung (remote), Troy Hall (remote), Laura Hampton, JJ Hannigan (remote), Kaycee Headley (remote), Heath Henry, Jen Humphreys, Pankaj Jaiswal, Tim Jensen (remote), Lori Kayes, Kate Kerish (remote), Laura Kincl (remote), Kim Kirkland (remote), Michelle Lewis (remote), Martin Main (remote), Rebecca Mathern, Michelle McAllaster (remote), Katherine McAlvage (remote), Lori McGraw (remote), Philip Mote (remote), Brooke Howland O’Brien (remote), Jen Olarra (remote), Tuba Ozkan-Haller (remote), Lissa Perrone (remote), Kirsten Petersen (remote), Dwaine Plaza (remote), Kadie Powell (remote), Brian Primack (remote), Marilyn Read (remote), Rene Reitsma (remote), Roberta Riportella (remote), Larry Rodgers (remote), Olivia Rowland (remote), Joe Schaffer (remote), Courtney Seton (remote), Rick Settersten, Xavi Siemens (remote), Robbin Sim (remote), Ellen Smit (remote), Yvette Spitz (remote), Caryn Stoess (remote), Liza Templeton (remote), Scott Vignos, Katie Vorderstrasse (remote), Megan Ward (remote), Tam Ward (remote), Karen Watte (remote), Nicole Wolf (remote), Steve Wuhs, Kaplan Yalcin (remote), Brad Young, Shiao-Ling Yu (remote)