Thursday, October 14, 2021 ~ 3:00-5:00 PM
LaSells Stewart Center Construction & Engineering Hall and via Zoom


    Randy Bell, College of Education Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, will remember Mike O’Malley, College of Education, who passed away July 1, 2021.
    1. Proposed Abolishment of the Computing Resources Committee
      The Executive Committee is proposing to abolish the Computing Resources Committee since OSU now has a much more robust and responsive University Information and Technology group than in prior years. Initially, a large component of this committee was to allocate the Technology Resource Fees (TRF), but that task was taken over by a dedicated TRF Committee in 1998.
  1. Proposed Consolidation of Faculty Senate Committees
    The Executive Committee is proposing to combine the Faculty Economic Welfare and Retirement Committee and Faculty Status Committee to create the Faculty Welfare Committee. President Selina Heppell will present the proposed Standing Rules.
  1. Faculty Consultative Group Revisions
    If C.2. is approved, the Faculty Consultative Group document will also need to be revised by Faculty Senators to indicate the new committee title. 

     Note: Blue text indicates the proposed insertion and strike-through text indicates the proposed deletion:
“The FCG is comprised of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (EC) along with the chairs of the Curriculum Council, the Faculty Status Committee Faculty Welfare Committee and the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee. The Faculty Senate President chairs the FCG and the President-elect serves as vice-chair.”

    1. Proposed Revisions to Faculty Senate Bylaws  
      On behalf of the Executive Committee, President Selina Heppell will outline proposed revisions to the Bylaws. Senators will have one month to review the proposed revisions, which are scheduled to be voted on November 18. If you have questions about the proposed revisions, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker in the Faculty Senate Office.
  1. Operationalizing the Student Learning Experience Instrument (SLE)
    Devon Quick, Advancement of Teaching Committee Chair, will present information on the eSET replacement; ongoing work with the Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure Committee, Office of Faculty Affairs, and Office of Academic Affairs; and planning for 2021-2022.
  1. Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee
    John Edwards and Lori Kayes, Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee Co-chairs, will present a summary of the previous committee’s work and output, the communication plan going forward, the charge of the next committee and opportunities for input and feedback. McKenzie Huber will also be introduced as the newly appointed Baccalaureate Core Director.
    1. Board of Trustees Update
      Mike Bailey, Faculty Trustee on the OSU Board of Trustees, will provide an update of the October Board meetings, including steps related to the presidential search.
  1. Faculty Pulse Survey Results 
    Dwaine Plaza, Immediate Past Faculty Senate President, will discuss results of Faculty Pulse Survey 7.0.
    • Results of past surveys are online.
    1. Remote Participation in Faculty Senate Meetings
      Login instructions to participate remotely in Faculty Senate meetings were in the email message sent to Senators. The October 14 meeting will be both in-person in the LaSells Stewart Center Construction & Engineering Hall and via Zoom.
           The Zoom session will begin at 2:50 PM on the day of the Senate meeting.
      Please login with your ONID credentials to the Faculty Senate Chat Room. Senators and proxies must log in with their real names so that attendance can be accurately reflected; if you are a proxy, please indicate the Senator you are representing
           If you experience problems logging in during the meeting, please contact Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected] or Caitlin Calascibetta at [email protected].
           The preferred login method is to sign in using the Zoom App. If you are logging in using a browser, Chrome is the recommended choice. Users that cannot be authenticated through DUO will not be allowed to join the meeting.
           Non-Senators are welcome to participate but, to avoid unexpected Zoom incidents, the login instructions are not being published. If you wish to remotely participate in this or future meetings, please fill out the linked Qualtrics survey requesting to participate – you’ll need to provide your OSU email, name and unit (please, no abbreviations). Your OSU email will be subscribed to a listserv to receive Zoom instructions for future Faculty Senate meetings. If it’s the day of the Faculty Senate meeting, please send a request to Caitlin Calascibetta no later than Noon.
  1. Interim President Johnson to Meet with Faculty
    Interim President Johnson and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee are continuing the long-standing tradition of sponsoring small group faculty conversations with academic, research and professional faculty. Each conversation will be facilitated by a Faculty Senate Executive Committee member and will consist of up to 12 faculty. These conversations, via Zoom, provide Interim President Johnson with an opportunity to receive candid feedback from faculty and an occasion for idea and information exchange.
         To register for the fall term sessions, which are scheduled for November 17 from 2:30-4:00 and December 9 from 1:00-2:30, please access the registration form at https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_37QH8TgOtF10AGG
  1. 2021 Faculty Senate Meetings
    Please reserve the following dates for Faculty Senate meetings for the remainder of 2021 – November 18 and December 9; all meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM. Until further notice, Faculty Senate meetings will be conducted both in person in the LaSells Stewart Center Construction & Engineering Hall and via Zoom.
        NOTE: Due to the conflict with Veterans Day, the correct date for the November meeting is November 18.
         As a reminder, Senators are responsible for finding a proxy to represent them when unable to attend.
         Non-Senators are welcome to participate but, to avoid unexpected Zoom incidents, the login instructions are not being published. If you wish to remotely participate in this or future Faculty Senate meetings, please fill out the linked Qualtrics survey requesting to participate – you'll need to provide your OSU email, name and unit (please, no abbreviations). If it’s the day of the Faculty Senate meeting, please send a request to Caitlin Calascibetta by Noon.
  1. Candidate Nominations for Faculty Senate President-Elect, Executive Committee and Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Elections
    Faculty are encouraged to suggest colleagues whom they believe are knowledgeable about the university and who would well represent OSU Faculty. Faculty may also nominate themselves. Please forward candidate suggestions for any of the below positions by Noon on October 22 to Vickie Nunnemaker at [email protected] who will determine their eligibility. When responding, please insert ‘Candidate’ in the Subject line so your nomination may be easily searched.
    • President-Elect – Candidates must now be or have been an OSU Faculty Senator
    • Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Senator – Candidates need not have been an OSU Faculty Senator
    • Executive Committee – Candidates must now be or have been an OSU Faculty Senate Senator
  1. Faculty Senate Elections – Faculty with Split Appointments
    According to the Faculty Senate Bylaws, non-tenured faculty who have split appointments between two apportionment units may choose with which unit they wish to be apportioned for Faculty Senate purposes. For example, if a faculty member has a split appointment between Agricultural Sciences and Science, they may choose one or the other (FTE will not be split between apportionment units). This choice will determine Faculty Senate representation. Faculty not indicating where they wish to be apportioned will be placed in an apportionment unit at the discretion of the Faculty Senate Office.
         No later than Noon on October 22, please complete and submit the survey at https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e9fdLDkVqXmK7yK to indicate with which apportionment unit you wish to be affiliated.      Tenured faculty will be apportioned in their tenure unit, with the exception of the following apportionment units: off-campus Extension, OSU-Cascades and Hatfield Marine Science Center. 
  1. Indicating Interest in Serving as a Faculty Senator OR Declining Senator Election
    To ensure inclusivity, all currently employed academic, research, extension and professional faculty, regardless of FTE, are eligible to be elected to a Faculty Senator position and represent faculty in their respective Faculty Senate apportionment unit.
    If you wish to either decline to have your name placed on the Senator Nomination Ballot, or you wish to indicate a strong interest in serving if elected, please complete and submit the survey at https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_begzRVielvLqgCy no later than Noon on November 3. Faculty must decline each year.
         If one wishes to indicate to their colleagues that they have a strong interest in serving as a Faculty Senator, if elected, a designator will be placed next to their name on the ballot to indicate their interest.
         Executive Levels 1, 2 and 3 (dean or above) are excluded from being elected, as are Senators who are completing two consecutive three-year terms, a current Senator whose term extends beyond December 31, 2021 or faculty who are on LWOP.
  1. Fall Family Weekend – November 12-14
    Fall Family Weekend is taking place Friday, November 12–Sunday, November 14. Historically, students have been encouraged to bring parents and family members to class on that Friday, however, we are not able to provide this option due to the University’s current requirements for vaccination and/or negative testing requirements. Faculty may wish to remind students that parents and family members may not attend classes due to these current protocols. Additional information related to Fall Family Weekend is available through the Office of Student Orientation at 541-737-7627, https://families.oregonstate.edu/family-weekends/parent-and-family-weekends or [email protected].
  1. Vacancies
    Please notify the Faculty Senate Office if a sabbatical, leave or retirement will prevent completion of your term as either a Senator or Faculty Senate committee/council member. If you are away more than one term, exclusive of summer term, a replacement is required. This information will assist us in identifying a replacement.
    If you are unsure when your Senator or committee/council term ends, you may check the Senator membership list or the Committees & Councils site.
    Randomized groups will discuss Senate priorities for 2021-2022.