Meeting Date: 
October 6, 2022
10/06/2022 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Zoom Meeting

Anticipated absences: Kayleen Salchenberg

  1. Introductions
  1. Membership Composition
    • Recruitment of student members?
      • Graduate level
      • Undergrad level
      • International students
  1. Goals for this Academic Year
    • Elicit suggestions from membership
    • Advancing DEI in online and hybrid teaching – Arien Muzacz
      • What can we do as a committee to benefit students?
      • Faculty?
    • Ecampus initiatives
    • Ecampus Research Unit findings
  1. Action Steps
  1. Next Meeting

Voting members present: Tim Alcon, Lisa Madsen, Arien Muzacz (chair), Dave Paoletti, Nicole von Germeten
Voting members absent: Kayleen Salchenberg
Ex-officio members present: Ecampus – Laurie Kirkner, OSU Libraries – Zach Welhouse
Executive Committee liaison present: Marleigh Perez


  1. Introductions
    • Provided information about the Committee responsibilities and reviewed resources in the OEC Canvas site.
  1. Membership Composition
    • Members agreed that recruiting students would be beneficial.
    • Standards allow for two students, one at the graduate level.
    • Targeting recruitment efforts based on Committee aims for this year.
  1. Goals for this Academic Year
    • Vision for advancing DEI in online and hybrid teaching (Arien)
      • What can we do as a committee to benefit students?
      • Faculty?
    • Elicited suggestions from Committee membership
      • The Horizon Report – ideas about affordability, access, and priorities in higher ed from leaders in higher ed institutions.
      • Increasing access for students – promoting the use of OER resources among faculty, considering tuition differentials.
      • Prioritizing quality in online course development (Dave) – faculty have little to no incentive to update or revise a course, given University workloads.
      • Promoting faculty development – currently, OER is not considered in the promotion process; could create a policy similar to the one from 2007 noting that online/hybrid teaching can be equated to face-to-face.
  1. Action Steps
    • Members will break into subcommittees, following prior years’ organizational structure, and designate one member to speak on behalf of the subcommittee:
      • Faculty equity – Lisa, Dave
      • Student access (financial) Tim, Laurie, Nicole
    • Arien will send out language for a recruitment email to send to students.
    • By the next meeting, subcommittees will create objective(s) for the year, e.g., education, policy recommendations.
  1. Next Meeting
    • Second week of Winter term, tentatively Thursday, January 19, 2023