Athletics at NCAA Division I universities are undergoing rapid expansion and commercialization, resulting in an "arms race" universities find increasingly difficult to control. These concerns have been summarized by Myles Brand, president of Indiana University, in an article in the NCAA News of March 12, portions of which are appended below. It is a common proposition in the national dialogue on this issue that meaningful reform of intercollegiate athletics must begin with the university presidents of individual athletic conferences.

Therefore, the faculty and university senates of the ten universities in the PAC-10 Conference join together to make the following recommendations:

  1. We urge the presidents of our ten universities to begin serious discussions aimed at moderating the exponential growth of athletic programs and budgets in the PAC-10. We urge them to put this topic on the agenda of their June meeting.
  2. Further, we urge the presidents to address recommendations made in the appended essay, "Presidents Have Cause, Means to Reduce Arms," as the basis for their discussions.


The motion to approve the recommendations passed by voice vote with one dissenting vote.