Meeting Date: 
July 8, 2021
07/08/2021 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Zoom Meeting
  1. PFAHRC 2.0 Steps received from Heather and Selina:
    • Step 1. Prof Fac Committee will write a recommendation of the high-level concept to the FS EC.  
      • Specific details are not worked out in this phase, although recommendations of details may be included given the committee’s research efforts.  
      • The concept paper will include the research conducted by the group on salary comparisons.  
      • After review and recommended edits, the FS EC will send the support of the recommendation to the Provost.  
    • Step 2. The Provost connects with the President to discuss and review the recommendation.  
      • The Provost will respond to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee with a determination and/or questions. 
    • Step 3. If a determination is made to move forward with the proposal, then the Provost will instruct Faculty Affairs and University Human Resources to determine the specific processes on how to implement the initiative. 
      • A processes outline, details around remaining decision-points, etc. will be generated by FA and UHR and shared with the FS EC and the Prof Fac Committee.  
      • FA and UHR provide regular updates to Prof Fac Committee as that group works on Steps 4 and 5. 
    • Step 4. The Prof Fac Committee works with the Faculty Senate P&T on a recommended set of guidelines for review and promotion.  
      • These are reviewed and approved by FS EC.  
    • Step 5. Prof Fac Committee provides the Faculty Senate EC with a final report on their work by the end of the calendar year.  
      • Promotion criteria approved by Faculty Senate in early 2022 
  1. Quals and Measures Grid – should we align with Position Profile language (June 29 email)?
  1. Working Google Doc
  1. Survey or otherwise input gathering?
  1. Next Meeting – July 22, 2021 from 10:00-11:00 AM