To promote the sustained availability of scholarly publications through broad distribution and affordable access to print and electronic versions of scholarly publications, the Faculty Senate's Scholarly Communications Task Force urges the Faculty Senate to endorse the following resolution:

Whereas, OSU is a significant research institution with a compelling reason for broadly communicating its scholarship; and

Whereas, The OSU Faculty Senate is empowered by University statutes to work for the advancement of academic freedom... [and to] initiate and review policies that govern the University's relations with outside agencies associated with research, instruction, and related purposes; and

Whereas, The principle of open access to scholarly research is increasingly being adopted and pursued by universities and in the scholarly community at large; and

Whereas, Technological, legal and economic barriers continue to be erected to obstruct or to limit open access; and

Whereas, The availability of scholarly publications ought to reflect the conditions of cooperative endeavor and common resources under which scholarly work is produced; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate supports the principle of open access to scholarly research.


The motion to approve the resolution as amended passed by voice vote with one dissenting vote.