Whereas, The increased funding for K-12 schools is an imperative that must be met and will help students every step of the way from pre-school to high school. Increased revenues devoted to K-12 mean that more students will graduate from high school, and more of these students will be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a post-secondary education. Fewer students will need remedial classes and more students will be able to enter with transfer credits that will count toward a university diploma; and

Whereas, Nevertheless, once they arrive at Oregon’s public universities and community colleges, these students will face difficult challenges. Without adequate investments in the Public University Support Fund, students will face higher tuition AND reduced or eliminated programs that enable success at the post-secondary level. As the legislature completes its work on the revenue package, we hope it will turn its attention to post-secondary education; and

Whereas, As the public land-grant institution of higher education for the state, we have an inherent interest in increasing both the numbers and the preparedness of Oregon’s students entering our system. Oregon State University faces distinct challenges maintaining the distance between Oregon’s current K-12 outcomes, our own decreasing state funding, and our global ranking as a top tier research university, yet we are dedicated to this premise. The Oregon state legislature is a key partner in achieving our mission; and

Whereas, When almost half of Oregon’s living wage jobs require a college degree, we hope that in the weeks remaining in the 2019 session, legislators will find the means to enable Oregon’s community college and university students to succeed as well; and

Whereas, The Oregon State University Faculty Senate sees this funding as an important part of the educational pipeline that effectively prepares future generations of Oregon K-12 students for success at Oregon State University and in society; therefore

Resolved, That, on behalf of Faculty at Oregon State University, the Faculty Senate supports HB 3427, the Student Success Act, that provides funding for the K-12 students in Oregon.

Resolution Supporting Oregon Student Success passed by the Oregon State University Faculty Senate on May 9, 2019