The Faculty Senate previously met the first Thursday of the month, October through June, from 3:00-5:00 PM, generally in the LaSells Stewart Center. Effective March 2004, Senate meetings will, typically, be the second Thursday of the month. Check the schedule below to verify dates; the monthly agenda will indicate the location. Faculty Senate meetings are open to the public, although only Senators or their proxies are eligible to vote. Individual Committee & Council Meetings can be found under the Committees page.

  • Faculty Senators will receive Zoom access instructions in the monthly email containing the agenda.
  •  Guests are welcome to participate but, due to potential Zoom incidents, the login instructions are not being published. If you wish to remotely participate in the meeting, please complete the linked form with your name, email and unit (please, no abbreviations). If you are experiencing any difficulties with the form or have any questions, please direct them to [email protected] and 541-737-4344 or [email protected] and 541-737-6268.


2024 2025 2026 2027
January 11# January 9#* January 8#* January 14#*
February 8 February 13 February 12* February 11*
March 14 March 13 March 12* March 11*
April 11 April 10 April 9* April 8*
May 9^ May 8^ May 14^ May 13^*
June 13 June 12 June 11* June 10*
October 10 October 9 October 8* October 14*
November 14 November 13 November 12* November 18*
December 12 December 11 December 10* December 9*


* Pending LaSells Stewart Center availability
^ LaSells Stewart Center not available
** Kidder Hall 202
# New Senator Orientation (LaSells Stewart Center Ag. Production Room) 1:00-2:45pm
Faculty Senate Meetings 3-5pm