Nominations will be open for submission for the 2023 President’s Commission on the Status of Women’s (PCOSW) University Mentoring and Professional Development Award by May 28, 2023.

List of Previous Recipients

This award recognizes any classified, professional faculty, or faculty member who excels in mentoring, supporting, and encouraging OSU employees, especially women and those from under-represented groups or non-traditional careers, and making available to them opportunities for professional, educational and personal development. The sponsors of this award believe that mentoring and development are critical to excellent performance and employee satisfaction. The award offers a way of commending individuals who support the learning environment for OSU employees.

The recipient of this award should have a record of

  • providing development opportunities to OSU faculty and staff
  • mentoring and encouraging members of the faculty and staff at the beginning as well as throughout their careers
  • encouraging individuals not traditionally supported in their pursuit of professional or personal development
  • making contributions that lead to increased performance and job satisfaction.
  • improving campus climate with respect to mentoring and professional development opportunities.

The award is presented at University Day and consists of a check for personal use from the Office of the Provost for $500; a development fund of $500 contributed by PCOSW to support any of the recipient’s activities related to mentoring and professional development and a personal plaque.

The nominator and nominee need not be from the same OSU department. The mentoring and Professional Development Award Subcommittee reserves the right to solicit clarification of information when necessary. Members of the Subcommittee are ineligible to be nominated. Past recipients of the award are also ineligible for nomination until three years after receipt of the award.

The nomination letter should address how this individual has mentored and encouraged others (e.g. supporting and encouraging development and growth opportunities), how he or she has contributed to an improved atmosphere in the department, university, and larger community, and how others have generally benefited from interactions with him or her.

Nominations will be due May 5, 2023. Electronic nomination forms can be accessed and submitted online. The link to the nomination form will be posted February 28, 2023.