November 10 Agenda

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  • Action Items
    • Installation of President-Elect
    • Category I Proposal
      • Renaming an Academic Program Proposal - Integrative Biology
    • Faculty Senate Slate of Candidates
    • Approval of the 2017 Apportionment Table
  • Information Items
    • Remote Participation in Faculty Senate Meetings
    • Deciding to Run for Faculty Senator
    • Small Group Session with President Ray
      • If you would like to attend, please register.
    • President-Elect, Executive Committee and IFS Elections
    • Faculty Senate Elections - Faculty with Split Apportionments
      • Complete the survey to indicate which unit you with to be apportioned.
    • Senator or Committee/Council Vacancies
    • Faculty on 1039-Hour Appointments
  • Report From and Dialogue with the Interim Provost - Ron Adams
  • Report From and Dialogue with the Faculty Senate President - Kate Halischak
  • New Business
  • Resolution