Faculty Senate Membership

Underlined names are newly-elected or re-elected for a term starting in January 2020; names marked by an asterisk (*) are serving for a second consecutive term; year in parentheses, i.e., (14), after a Senators name indicates year present continuous membership began, in January unless otherwise indicated. Typically, terms expire on December 31 of the year indicated at the head of each column. Blue, bolded entries indicate mid-year replacements whose terms will expire on December 31 of the current year.

2020 2021 2022
Amber Moore (v. Heppell), Crop & Soil Science (20) Derek Godowin, Biological & Ecological Engineering (19) Carrie Burkholder, College of Ag Sci Admin (20)
Jeff Sherman (v. Waite-Cusic), Outreach & Engmnt. (20) Lauren Gwin, Crop & Soil Science (19) Bruce Dugger, Fisheries & Wildlife (20)
TBA (v. Bohnert) John Lambrinos, Horticulture (20) Liz Etherington, College of Ag Sci Admin (20)
TBA (v. Bolte) *Dana Sanchez, Fisheries & Wildlife (19) Patrick Hayes, Crop & Soil Science (20)
TBA (v. Mata-Gonzalez) Lucas Turpin, Ag Sci Computer Sci (20) Dawn Moyer, Ag Education & General Ag (18)
TBA (v. Mundt) TBA (v. Cassidy) Desiree Tullos, Biological & Ecological Engineering (20)
RaeLee Aguilar (v. Mathern), Procurement (20) JoAnne Bunnage, Faculty Affairs (19) Cindy Alexis, Budget & Fiscal Planning (20)
Robin Pappas, Information Services (18) Allison Davis-White Eyes, Institutional Diversity (19) Noah Buckely, Admissions (20)
Heather Riney, Human Resources (18) Lisa Gaines, Institute for Natural Resource (19) Karren Cholewinski, Office of the Registrar (20)
*Shelly Signs, University Events (15) Anne Gillies, Search Advocate Program (19) Justin Fleming, Transportation (18)
Lisa Silbernagel, Health Sciences Business Center (18) Lynn Greenough, Academic Technologies (19) Chrysanthemum Hayes, Inst Analytics & Reporting (20)
*Tracey Yee, Human Resources (15) Brandon Trelstad, Capital Planning & Development (19) Nicole Real, Budget & Fiscal Planning (20)
TBA (v. Vignos) Christopher Viggiani, Faculty Affairs (19) Melanie Rose, Finance & Administration (20)
Michele Swift (19) *Amy Bourne (19) Amy Huff (20)
Jennifer Villalobos (20) Inara Scott (19) Ted Paterson (20)
    Jason Stornelli (20)
Nicholas Dahl (18) Erika McCalpine (19)  
Kara Witzke (18) Ron Reuter (19)  
Frederick Colwell (18) Peter Ruggiero (19) Laurence Becker (20)
Katie Watkins-Brandt (18) Yvette Spitz (20) Edward Dever (20)
TBA (v. Shiel) TBA (v. Zirbel)  
  Karen Thompson (19) Nandita Golya (20)
Cindy Grimm, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (19) Brian Fronk,  Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (19) David Blunck, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (20)
Robert Paasch, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (18) Carlos Jensen, Electrical Engr. & Computer Sci. (19) Goran Jovanovic, Chem., Bio. & Enviro. Engr. (20)
David Porter, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (18) David Nembhard, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (19) Nordica MacCarty, Mechanical & Industrial Engr. (20)
TBA (v. Ideker) TBA (v. Kelly) Weng-Keen Wong, Electrical Engr. & Computer Sci. (20)
TBA (v. Lee) TBA (v. Sweeney)  
Sergio Arispe, Malheur County (18) TBA (v. Johnson) Lindsay Davis, Clatsop County (20)
Wendy Hein, Clackamas County (18)    
TBA (v. Schimleck) Janean Creighton, Forest Ecosystem & Society (19) McKenzie Huber, College of Forestry Admin (20)
  TBA (v. Belart)  
Jessica Miller (18)    
Rena Lauer, History (18) Mark Edwards, Public Policy (19) Bradley Boovy, Language, Culture & Society (20)
Cari Maes, Language, Culture & Society (19) Patrick Emerson, Public Policy (19) Jacob Hamblin, History, Philosophy & Religion (20)
Mehra Shirazi, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (18) Ron Mize, Language, Culture & Society (19) Michelle Inderbitzin, Public Policy (20)
Susan Shaw, Liberal Arts Administration (19) Elizabeth Sheehan, Writing, Literature & Film (19) Jonathan Kaplan, History, Philosophy & Religion (20)
Kathryn Becker Blease (v. Hammer) (20) Rebecca Warner, Public Policy (19) Susan Rodgers, Writing, Literature & Film (20)
  TBA (v. Burkhardt)  
  Clara Llebot Lorente (19)  
  Gregory Zumach (19) Stacey Olstad (20)
Sunil Khanna, Bio & Pop Health Sciences (18) Viktor Bovbjerg, Bio & Pop Health Sci. (19) Marion Ceraso, Bio & Pop Health Sci. (20)
Katherine MacTavish, Social & Behavioral Health Sci. (18) Tammy Bray, Bio & Pop Health Sci. (19) Mark Hoffman, Bio & Pop Health Sci. (20)
  Carolyn Mendez-Luck, Social & Behavioral Health Sci. (19)  
Lori Kayes, Integrative Biology (19) Linda Bruslind, Microbiology (19) Vrushali Bokil, Mathematics (20)
TBA (v. Schellman) Kevin Gable, Chemistry (19) Bob Mason, Integrative Biology (20)
TBA (v. Weis) Henri Jansen, College of Science Administration (19) Clayton Petsche, Mathematics (20)
  Enrique Thomann, Mathematics (19) Devon Quick, Integrative Biology (20)
  Kari van Zee, Biochemistry and Biophysics (19)  
Grace Atebe, Office of International Programs (18) Teresita Alvarez-Cortez, Univ. Housing & Dining (19) Terrance Harris, Diversity & Cultural Engagement (20)
Dorian Smith, Educational Opportunities Program (18) Emily Bowling, Student Leadership & Involvement (19) Luhui Whitebear, Diversity & Cultural Engagement (20)
  Wiliama Sanchez, Univ. Housing & Dining (19)  
Jan Medlock (v. Milovancev) (20) Mark Ackermann (18) Troy Holder (20)
Ex-Officio Members Senate Officers Executive Committee
Mike Bailey, OSU Board of Trustees Dwaine Plaza, President Bill Bogley '20
TBA, ASOSU President – January-May 2020 Selina Heppell, President-Elect Justin Fleming '20
TBA, ASOSU President – June-December 2020 Mina Carson, Immediate Past President Jane Waite '20
David Bernell, Executive Committee Michael Beachley, Parlimentarian Erika McCalpine '20
Bill Bogley, Executive Committee    David Bernell '21
Ed Feser, OSU Provost & Exec. Vice President   Kate MacTavish '21
Justing Fleming, Executive Committee   Shannon Riggs '21
Goran Jovanovic, Interinstitutional Faculty Senator    
Kate MacTavish, Executive Committee    
Erika McCalpine, OSU-Cascades    
Ed Ray, OSU President    
SHannon Riggs, Executive Committee    
Jane Waite, Executive Committee    
Interinstitutional Faculty Senate    
Goran Jovanovic '20    
Susan Shaw '21    
McKenzie Huber '22    
Total Faculty Senators: 132